Dr Dillip K Swain Poems

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Go On Building What You Can Build

Life teaches us
Many lessons from
Its strenuous journey,
Hardships and struggles.

Capsized Boat Of Love

I had a million dreams
To walk with you hand in hand
Till I see the last radiant sun,
The last cool moon

Hospital Bed

He tightly held one hand of his son
And went on whispering in mourn
No more should you pat my head
Get me away from this hospital bed

Ode To My Conscience

Oh, my dear conscience, naive warbler
Your charisma guides me as a sorcerer

For my unforced errors which I weep

Elegy: A Dead Public Pond

By the unremitting blaze of sun,
her tank was shrunk, bed dried up.
No water, no moss left except some
patchy cracks of mud here and there.


On a high back chair
In garden bare
I deeply visualize
The fanciful dance

Ode On My Friend's Divorce

He fervidly inspects he's surely distracted
His mind and soul are unevenly distributed

His corporal self rests in a roseless bed

Poetic License

Poetic license is a great machination
For poets of all kinds and classes
In exercising freedom of expression
Bypassing syntax and semantics and

Value Your Pen

In this transient world
life is like a tender
flimsy and brittle leaf
which can be blown away

Magnanimity of Poetry

It's the magnanimity
of poetry!

Poetry gives us knowledge,

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