Dr Dillip K Swain Poems

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Ode To A Jasmine Flower

I behold you as the solitary flower
On the ends of a branch-let
Ah, your fragrance travels miles
Gratifying even the dull insects!

The First Love

Let's go hand in hand to a strange spot
Secretly, stealthily, without paying heed
To what they perceive and say of us
We'll take a walk in hillsides in pair


Life is like a water bubble and very uncertain
None can claim that his stay in this earth is certain

Nobody likes to move through confusion


An orphan child
Is sitting on a platform
Ignoring the sound of fast crossing trains
And trains halting late at the station

A Different Lady

She is not hard like iron
But her softness works in her favor
She dares not to walk in midnight
Into the world of thieves and abductors

Wings Of Imagination

Imagination is gifted
With powerful wings
For glutted swings
Once it starts flying

A Cute Little Bird

It's a great poetic pleasure
To observe a cute little bird
Jumping and flying in warm weather
Jumping less but flying more!

Go On Building What You Can Build

Life teaches us
Many lessons from
Its strenuous journey,
Hardships and struggles.

Sorrow Of An Upset Lover

I can't call you a traitor
As you promised me
To live together forever
To divide and share

Capsized Boat Of Love

I had a million dreams
To walk with you hand in hand
Till I see the last sun,
The last radiant moon