Hunger Poem by Dr Dillip K Swain


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An orphan child
sitting on a platform
ignoring the sound of fast crossing trains
and trains halting late at the station

The maddened crowds
in search of their berths and seats,
rushing into compartments
and he is eating the thrown biscuits
and hearing the terrible noise of his belly

The inward sound of hunger
echoing louder and louder
like that of thunder

Copyright @poet,31 January,2023

Jayne Louise Davies 31 January 2023

Thank you for sharing x Top marks.

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M. Asim Nehal 31 January 2023

Too difficult to imaging what a person goes through we body demands. Full ******

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This poem is now at #14. It sure does deserve better. And it will.

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Today, the poem has scaled up one slot to #13. All the best, Dillipji

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Continues at #13 today

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Anjandev Roy 16 March 2023

Simply brilliant piece......thank u, sir....

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5. And this poem will be back in the Best Member Poems List at topmost place!

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4. Hope the error will be remedied soon..

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2. Then I noticed that Dillipji has shared a new poem today. This has happened to me before too. Whenever a new poem is published by a poet, his earlier poem disappears from the Best Poems List, at whatever rank it is placed in the list,

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This brilliant poem suddenly disappeared from the Best Poems of Members featured on PoemHunter. Yesterday, it was ranked #12 in the list. I just wondered why! ! ! !

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