The First Love Poem by Dr Dillip K Swain

The First Love

Rating: 5.0

Let's go hand in hand to a strange spot
Secretly, stealthily, without paying heed
To what they perceive and say of us
We'll take a walk in hillsides in pair
Expressing our earnest love in air
My hearts craves to hold you fast
Holding you tight in love's art
The river of our love will flow
And a delicate murmur will echo
Through its sparkling overflow!

Accept this rose and read my note:
I'm ready to climb stiff thorny hills
To carry tons of loads on my head
For you; only for you my sweetheart!
We'll move on and on here and there
We'd roam all across the whole world,
Tasting the climates of love everywhere
I'll grab you in seconds in dangers
To lodge instant fight with brutal tigers
To save you from all disasters!

We'd passionately espouse sweet talks
We'd ramble in love without clocks
Our deep romance will prolong hours
The elasticity of our romantic hours
Would be stretched to million years
Our love will defy all odds to appear
We'll burn us with the flames of love
And its smoke would cloud the mob
Only the green hills will peep through
To monitor our intense romance!

The sinuous droplets of our acute romance
Will run like a rivulet of our deep love
Enchanting the sweet music of united souls
Come on my sweetheart, find some way
Let's rejoice our maiden romantic day!

Copyright@ Poet,14 February,2019

Jayne Louise Davies 28 December 2022

Such a beautiful write Dillip x Top marks.

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Rob Lamberton 19 December 2022

What a voyage of love…beautiful!

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Kesav Venkat Easwaran 28 December 2022

A romantic call. A romantic dialogue

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Pallavi Tripathi 24 April 2023

Brilliant just brilliant. Thanks for sharing : )

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Anjandev Roy 19 April 2023

This is one of Ur to read time and again....thank u, sir....

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Oh! It's a marvellous piece, filled with the sweet nectar drops of romantic dreams. To my poem list

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Susan Williams 25 February 2023

sounds like a young man in the thralls of young love! MAKES MY HEART SMILE, , Dillip! ! ! 5 stars

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Anjandev Roy 11 January 2023

This is an amazing piece.......wonderful to read.....thank u, sir.

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