Indulgence Poem by Dr Dillip K Swain


Rating: 4.5

I behold a beautiful cascade
that sings an eternal song,
ecstatic, tranquil and sublime!

Do you hear
what a sweet tale of boundless ecstasy
of sheer joy of freedom?

Does it whisper in my ear?

Is it the cascade
that fetches a kind of murmur
only for me to hear?

Have you heard it?
have you ever relished
its beguiling music?


Come and enjoy
if you can,
if not, please have your own choice
and just walk away

But please don't ask me
why have I been a silent spectator,
like a motionless statue here?

Don't disturb me,
let me hear its unique rhythm,
water splashes, nature dances
producing a wonderful symphony in synchronization with chirping birds
and the lovely melody is so enchanting to hear.


Copyright@poet,5 January,2023

Sylvia Frances Chan 17 January 2023

Amazing rendition, beautiful cascade songs and sounds, when my ears hear that, echoes remain in my heart and soul, a symphony-flow. Beautifully captured these loveliest cascade symphony, @poet.Beautiful symphony in my ears. Thank you for sharing, TOP Score!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 January 2023

This so most beautiful Song Poem is today on rank number 15 of Best Member Poems of the Top 100. Amazingly done, dear @Poet

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Aarzoo Mehek 17 January 2023

I can visualise the beautiful cascade of water falling into the bodom of mother earth. So beautifully described.

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Susan Williams 21 January 2023

what a lovely lovely cascade of poetry! ! ! top marks

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Before the splendour of nature, man and his words fall silent. Just watch it! Enjoy the ecstasy. Bathe in its glory. Fantastic poem, Dillipji. Wonderful writing.5 *s and added to Myfavourites. Thank You for sharing

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Anjandev Roy 13 November 2023

This is absolutely marvelous....

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Anjandev Roy 18 May 2023

ecstatic, tranquil and sublime! .... fantastic write...thank u, Sir...

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Indira Renganathan 03 May 2023

A very musical write that matches the surrounding nature where the poet is sitting and watching...wonderful to read..*******************

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Anjandev Roy 12 April 2023

This is an exceptional piece...... wonderful to read.....thank u, sir......

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Anjandev Roy 04 March 2023

This is an amazing work......thank u, Sir.....

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Dr Dillip K Swain

Dr Dillip K Swain

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