Pleasure Of Loneliness Poem by Dr Dillip K Swain

Pleasure Of Loneliness

Rating: 4.5

Her peerless power drags me here
I know not exactly how much I care
I happen to be here just by chance
It stimulates me to make a dance
Dancing incessantly for whole hours

I am here alone nobody knows
My little joys are unmeasured dose
I need to be at home for my dinner
But it's hard to lose such a pleasure
Leaving the dome in precious hour

Mortal assignments get me busy
Splitting hours make things easy
Little loneliness with nature's sway
Instills in me a tremendous joy
Ah! Sublime solace guides my way

The singing grasses and dancing roses
Make me light like swift rockets
My stomach is filled with nature's gear
My nostrils relish sensuous air
Who can measure such a pleasure?

Copyright@ Dillip

Rob Lamberton 17 April 2023

Thanks for sharing your joy! May you find experience it often!

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This poem continues on top of the chart. Congratulations, Dillipji

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Richard Wlodarski 25 March 2023

An incredibly pleasurable poem. Nothing like the solitude of Mother hear God whispering.

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2) When we are in the company of nature, we are not alone. We are one God! We are one with nature! A separate "I" may cease to exist. That is the power of nature.

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Sorry, printing error. "We are one with God."..

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Loneliness gives tremendous pleasure, from inside and outsiders. Our soul merges with that of the universe and the body is felt to be in the company of the ephemeral mundane characters

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M.J. Lemon 07 June 2023

A terrific verse! Being alone clearly invites great pleasures.

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Anjandev Roy 30 May 2023

Wonderful write......thank u....Sir.....

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David Wood 29 May 2023

A lovely crafted poem Dillip and a joy to read. Bravo.

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Richard Wlodarski 09 May 2023

This poem, especially the last stanza, reminds me of Leaves Of Grass. Dillip, Walt Whitman would be proud!

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