Give Me That Promotion, Sir! Poem by Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

Give Me That Promotion, Sir!

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How are you, sir?

I was just passing by,
thought I might as well drop in
and enquire about your health, sir.
How is your stomach, sir, I am sure
by now it should be perfectly alright, sir.

And how is madam, sir
such a marvellous, gracious lady
I always look upon her as my mother, sir
Whatever she tells me is a command for me
so kind-hearted and down to earth,
even my own mother could never
inspire me so much in life, sir.

And how is your son, sir.
Such a dashing, intelligent, fashionable young man,
of all people I know, I admire him the most, sir
always in know of things, always so inquisitive,
always looks so majestic when he drives
his superbike through the crowded streets, sir

Yes, and what superb control, sir
he can be a fantastic film star, sure
and of course, any day he can become
a scientist, a doctor, a great entrepreneur, sir -
it is all your teaching, your grooming, your sacrifice, sir
and of course, it is all in the genes,
anybody cannot be like him just like that, sir.

I just came to know Little Sir had a cold, sir
I immediately prayed to God, how unfair it is
such small things like cold, fever, headaches
You give to me, Lord, instead
why should such things happen
to an important person like Little Sir, sir.

And how is the dog, sir, I mean Jimmy, sir
I even remember his name, sir
what a fine dog, sir, a superb dog
If you ever wanted to have a dog
then it has to be like him, like Jimmy only
I see you every morning, going for a walk
with Jimmy following, wagging his nice little tail
what a tail, sir, what a beautiful flourishing tail -

Such a lively, faithful and fantastic dog, sir
never barks or growls, never does anything at all
to anybody, always looks upon you so obediently
with such cheerful expressive transparent black eyes
You have perfect choice in everything, sir
That is my ideal sir - faithful and always cheerful
always ready to give your life for your Master -
That is my ambition sir, I even envy Jimmy, sir
always privileged to walk along side
such a great personage like you, sir
If I am born again, I should
Iove to be born as Jimmy, sir.

What else, sir. I was just passing by,
thought I might as well drop in
and enquire about your wellbeing, sir.
Did I forget to tell you something sir?
No sir, yes sir. You know everything sir.
May I now take your leave, sir
You must be very very busy sir
If there is anything worth doing by me
Kindly tell me, simply send a message to me, sir.
OK, sir, thank you sir.
We'll meet again, sir
And God be always with you, sir.


Notes: -

(1) Substitute 'promotion' with any of the following words - Foreign Tours, Hometown Posting, Best Employee Award, Out-of-turn Flat Allotment, Departmental Shields, Frequent HR Training etc - and see whether the meaning of the poem changes at all! !

(2) Jimmy can belong to anybody - your batchmate, flatmate, soulmate, mindmate, bodymate, friend, neighbour, colleague....anybody. Jimmy can be anybody.

Give Me That Promotion, Sir!
Thursday, August 22, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: dog,office
Poem is dedicated to the memory of the incomparable Shri A. K. Bera, PCGM, RBI.
Geetha Jayakumar 22 August 2013

Yes, If I am born again, I should like to be born as Jimmy....So true....Very beautifully portrayed...Give me that promotion..How much one have to go down..I think Jimmy life is good. Very beautiful write. Loved reading it....10

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Patricia Grantham 05 September 2013

The dog Jimmy has a special bond with his master. Will accompany him wherever he goes and gets the best of treatment. We also have to bow down sometimes to receive special gifts, promotions and awards from our superior. The only difference between the favoritism of the dog and humans is the leash!

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Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan 23 October 2013

This is an experimental poem, quite different from my other poems. Of course, the theme is Sycophancy! ! The lines/stanzas of the poem embody a combination of the following: - (1) Actual dialogue between the narrator and his/her sir (2) the internal monologue of the narrator in the poem, and (3) the thoughts/comments of the independent observer/reader. This may appear surprising to many, but almost the entire dialogue/monologue I have actually heard in real life - in different contexts of course. I have personally seen Jimmys tail being praised in more flowery language than as modestly described in the poem. Of course, the poem is too long, almost verging on tedium. The repetition of sirs is almost jarring. The dialogue often appears extremely irrational. But that is exactly what the poem tries to convey: - the long-winded, irrational, repetitive, jarring and boring supplications of a sycophant - which everybody can easily see through BUT which everybody ultimately falls prey to. The sycophant very well knows that. He knows that people do not really like him for his pestering, but he also knows that ultimately his heart's desire will get fulfilled..... |

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Valsa George 18 October 2013

This world is full of sycophants! They can stoop to any level. Using their slimy tongue, they try to win favours! Such people have no sense of shame, but if any one reasonable enough watches such dramas, they feel ashamed! A humorous write without any exaggeration!

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Sulochana Satheesh 24 October 2013

Lovely and well crafted poem. This poem is an innovative representation of Superior-Subordinate relations in all offices. Also reminded me of the flattery Julius Caesar is subjected to in Shakespeare's famous novel of the same name. Congratulations

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Prabhata Kumar Sahoo 04 April 2017

It represents a well known community always murmer. Sir forgetting everything.It touched to me.

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Melikhaya Zagagana 01 March 2014

Schematic organizing with a high nose of an eagle setting its eyes high in the sky, beautifully sorted and intellectually informed Thanks i like it!

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Wahab Abdul 30 October 2013

You contestant people are so serious about the poetry contest conducted by poemhunter for 2013 that I see people made phone calls and send unsolicited spasm to each other and I am not left alone , but I had never asked any to vote for my poem ‘’unique ‘’ one, let alone to receive or make phone calls and I wonder how many people understood uniqueness of my poem ‘unique’ and its intrinsic and duality in meaning …simply every one went for the author for ‘’I ‘’ but this insinuates for the universe also , the poems which won prizes some are direct copy from the poems of Rabindranath Tagore (1913 Nobel prize winner) and other two are descriptive poetry without deeper meaning or have any significance or insinuations.

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Rekha Mandagere 26 October 2013

such funny characters are esteemed as high in our social order. It is really painful and ridiculous.There is so much irony which one can feel passing through your lines. It is a paintaking effort I know.

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Shiv Shanker Tiwari 25 October 2013

It is not just poem. It is a mirror for the present System. Present scinerion experience is well & excellently nitted by the Writer. He is an Asset to all of us. Thanks for giving me a previledge to my mere humble comment.

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Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

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