A Woman's Scent Poem by Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

A Woman's Scent

Rating: 4.8

That night when my mother
took me to her breasts
I knew woman had a scent
quite different from man's...

Tonight you still remind me of
my mother's old fragrance
though you too have your different scent -
a scent entirely your own!

In summer an aroma of apple juice
envelopes your breasts. In monsoon
the wet fragrance of wild forest flowers
in your hair. And in the winter
your arms smacking of honeyed milk
and your lovely feet of jasmines. In spring
this strong odour of musk in your loins,
and in your navel that faint lavender!

In different seasons you smell differently
In different places you smell differently.

But when I smell you entirely at once,
my love,
your scent becomes
an undefinable something!

A Woman's Scent
Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: woman
Ken E Hall 01 April 2014

I think you are in love Tapan but for sure a womanly smell is delightful indeed...anything better? regards

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Guy Dimitri Jagodinski 16 March 2014

Very nice poem. Well written with a substance of fact and a vibrant description Please feel free to read any of my poems. I will be honored.

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V P Mahur 28 February 2014

lovely touch of passionate love Thanks sir for this beautiful poem. I invite you to read my poems and give some suggestions.

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Jitesh Shah 13 March 2014

nice poem of womans scent and also i invite to read my poem i have improve it and give me a suggetion

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Patricia Grantham 01 November 2013

I love your observations in your poem. Such very good details. It is also very sweet and passionate. Glad you can't see me blush! Ha! Ha! Ha! Really enjoyed this write.

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That fragrance of woman! Wow! It is something I have always enjoyed. I do experience it differently through this poem.

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Santosh Misra 01 November 2019

Loved reading. Theme appeared confusing tome. Suggest bit more editing.

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A serious shot 16 March 2018

What a bunch of dumb crap. It blitheringly blunderful and absolute disgrace to everything english. It seems anyone with a pen can call himself a poet these days.

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Heather Wilkins 16 July 2014

nice observations of a womans scent. well written and thought out nice imagery

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Amitava Sur 14 June 2014

A heart touching poem for the love of a woman whom you like and desire so closely and colorfully..... very nice

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Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

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