Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver Poems

1. Her Mother's Daughter 10/13/2008
2. Golden Friend. 10/13/2008
3. Once Upon A Dream. 10/13/2008
4. She. 10/14/2008
5. By The Firelight's Glow. 10/14/2008
6. Here Is My Heart. 10/14/2008
7. This Solitary Confinement Of The Heart. 10/14/2008
8. No Man Is Worth A Lady's Tears. 10/14/2008
9. Young Poetess...Hold Firm Your Dream. 10/15/2008
10. Are You Really A True Romantic? 10/15/2008
11. Perchance To Dream. 10/15/2008
12. The Second Face Of Love. 10/15/2008
13. The Poet And The Dreamer. 10/15/2008
14. She Sang The Songs... 10/15/2008
15. Little Golden Boxes. 10/15/2008
16. I Wonder, Where Are You Now? 10/15/2008
17. The Yellow And The Grey. 10/14/2008
18. Listen To The Whispering Wind. 10/14/2008
19. Newgate Gaol. 10/18/2008
20. Heylan And Elen. 10/18/2008
21. Tomorrow. 10/19/2008
22. Midnight Grey. 10/19/2008
23. The Legend Of The Raven. 10/20/2008
24. Nocturne Pour Amour. 10/19/2008
25. Every Lady Deserves... 10/20/2008
26. Snow-Queen. 10/20/2008
27. Consider This... 10/20/2008
28. Now; About This Thing Called Love... 10/20/2008
29. Gentle Cuddles In The Night. 10/20/2008
30. Alas... Another Fractured Dream. 10/20/2008
31. Reflections. 10/20/2008
32. Mind-Games. 10/20/2008
33. Gloucester City Night Patrol. 10/20/2008
34. Time-Expired Lothario. 10/20/2008
35. God's Banana Skin. 10/20/2008
36. Come To Bed... 10/20/2008
37. Is That What I Really Read? 10/20/2008
38. Virtual Reality. 10/20/2008
39. Tantalising... Fantasising... 10/20/2008
40. Whispered Dreams For Yesterday. 10/19/2008

Comments about Dream Weaver

  • Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black (10/26/2008 5:48:00 PM)

    ********************************Dream Weaver has written the most beautifully romantic poetry that will put the reader under his spell and his words will stay with you and inspire.Wonderful imagery and emotions and fascinating story telling-he weaves his magic and keeps you enthralled until the end.Enjoy the poetry and thank you Dream Weaver-I gave you tens all the way through! ! ! ! ! ! And you are a real POET*********************************

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Best Poem of Dream Weaver

The English Civil War Poems #1

This poem concerns an incident, during the English Civil War, at the Battle of Worcester, where a certain young Royalist Captain of Horse, John Fitzwarren; with two of his Troopers, held off the Parliamentarian Essex Militia for some two hours at one of the City gates. Eventually overwhelmed, all three were put to the sword.
Perhaps, these were his thoughts, prior to joining his Regiment.


Blow the Candle out.

Spring creeps softly through the Shires in this year of our ...

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She glides through my thoughts, like Moon-mist on a calm Mere;
a porcelain vision, so flawless...so pale.
A murmuring zephyr, one feels... but cannot hear;
So hard to resist... condemned, ever... to fail.

A sweet, silken whisper, caressed by the light
of a great Harvest moon, shining so palesomely
serene, in her hair... a soft, tumbling, delight;
she whispers 'Your heart is full forfeit to me.'

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