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a musical poetry, made some lyrical poems for music performances before
you can share it, no need to give me credits

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12 September 2016

In the name of Shadow 'I'm one of the presence you will hardly recognize' 'I'm not that hard to find' 'Even when no one find you, I'll be by your side' 'I'll always remain behind your bright light' 'Shade is what I looked like' 'Shadow is what I'm called by'

04 April 2018

Don't drown by people's illusions. After all, common sense is just another delusion.

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Ayatullah Nurjati 07 November 2021

Salam kenal dari saya pendatang baru di belantika PoemHunter ini. Salam Takdzim dan hormat dari saya pemain amatir di website ini

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The Best Poem Of Eddi Hong


Meds became mad
People need someone sane
No they do not want to be saved
Instead, they lie to each other face
Protecting what is value for themselves

A single child is crying
No one care to help him from suffering
They keep busying
Posting every luxury living

While homeless need no majesty
only craving for someone to talk
side by side
with no lie

And while we aging
In future we regretting
For what have we been doing
We should just be thankful for everything

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Eddi Hong Popularity

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