On A Forest Path Poem by Elisha De La Rosa

On A Forest Path

As my dreams keep on raining
The sun kept on shining
Through the willow of the trees
I have stumbled on a path to Eden

Facing towards the sky
Where is all the sunlight?
Following this path to the end
I am on a forest path

Happiness always sweeten
All my sadness I have broken
My day is the best of thee
I sing along with the birds and trees

Drowning through the day
The day is not young, hope will it last
Walking along with you
On this forest path

Leaves have fallen
Love shall chant a song
Together all of the haven
Shall sing along

Of all the echos
Running through my mind
Love shall swallow me
For I will continue building our bind

The rays of light I wanted
Beaming into my blurry eyes
The dust we have tainted
Dust doesn't have life

Oh Eden have brought me through
On it's own knife
We continue on walking
In this darling night

Empathy shall stream
Upon the rocks of me
I have never dream
On this forest path

Love is mighty
My heart shall never break
Love pointed toward you
On this forest path

Oh please keep on going
Follow the path of Eden
My trails pointed towards you
So lead me on this forest path


Ben Lemli 02 April 2010

I really like your poetry, peacful and yet, in some raw way, truthful. You use biblical refrences, curious to know your religious backround. Turnes out faith is not my path in life, but i respect those who carry religion on their own backs.

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