emarie martinez Poems

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Life's Life

“Life is how we make it! ”

As a saying goes… It tells me to live my life to its fullest. And for me to accomplish my duties and responsibilities at a set limitation to recognize my self’s worthiness in the end.

Unpredictable Wrath

As an experienced adult, my essences are
To be open for ev’rything in me, by far,
Beyond other’s imaginations I all need,
In my everyday living, carrying out good deed.


One day, I asked myself, what makes me feel contented? What makes me stop to deal upon things, something which could control me in motivating myself to live another day, to fight one more round, so to speak, and to reach a dream?

Until then, I found an answer for these and I thought that my opinionated conclusion was at a right stand, that wealth and other material things in this world makes me passionate in searching for the right way towards my success and could make me happy, then feels contented. Sometimes, I am caught up in the relentless pursuit of material wealth and possessions to the point that other facets of my life are being neglected, such as my meaningful relations towards my fellowmen.