M. Asim Nehal English Poems

Ghazal English - Let Us Review

Come, let's refresh our promises
Or else it will scatter like petals from a flower

You were never mine, nor to be or will be

Ghazal English ~ Under The Sky.

Never offer your heart to any strangers
They will return it without heed, under the sky.

In the lonely nights, if you look at the moon restively,

Ghazal In English "Have You Seen? "

Who says that we both are not together
Sky meets the earth, Have you seen?

Who says meeting of eyes unites the heart

A Struggle - Ghazal In English

Those who have several wants and wishes to accomplish
Often when they start their journey do notfind the way to proceed

Like the boat when surrounded by the storm

A Lover's Plea - English Ghazal

Those seven colours of your charm alive
Thus, invite me to own a rainbow of my life

I have fallen from the mountain of my ego

To Listen To My Complete Love Story(Ghazal English)

Neither I asked from the moon nor from the stars
But I requested Your thoughts to stay the whole night

How this darkness scares me and How the night plays its games

Ghazal - In English

They say your eyes have seen dreams, when did you sleep?
Where everyone remains sleeping, how do you remain awake?

Those doors are special where air asks for permission,

A Ghazal- In English

The buds of wishes have grown and became flowers, now.
The fragrance of it is spreading to all parts and directions, now.

What my mind conceived and heart did not endorse

Enough Is Enough - Ghazal In English

Enough for this display of your broken heart
Enough of the fun you make in your life

Enough you had discussion day and night

If These Candle Burns, Let It Be - Ghazal In English

If these candle burns, let it be
We have learned lessons about patience and perseverance

Where are those immortal lovers, Laila-Majnu and Pyramus-Thisbe

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