Light And Darkness Poem by Esther Leclerc

Light And Darkness

Rating: 5.0

houses house bodies
bodies house life

life houses souls
souls house light

light shrinks from darkness
darkness douses light...

yet Light overcomes darkness
with spiritual sight the beginning was darkness
darkness again at the end
awaiting those who despise Light - -
Light's gift of love for all men

yes, Light overcomes darkness
with love's perfect sight


Chuck Audette 22 May 2006

Est - this was very cool - almost a brain twister following it. -chuck

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R H 23 May 2006

A philosophical write that exudes a special radiance - deserves to be read twice. Wonderful Esther. Warmest wishes, Justine.

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Mary Nagy 26 May 2006

Wow! This is so unique Esther. I love it. It feels so cryptic yet the message is clear. Very, very good poem. Sincerely, Mary

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Duncan Wyllie 30 May 2006

light shrinks from darkness darkness douses light... yet Light overcomes darkness with spiritual sight This is wonderful Esther I think that you are thinking so clearly here! Love Duncan X

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Esther Leclerc 21 May 2006

(Comments from earlier version; writers notified) : Sandra Erickson (5/21/2006 9: 56: 00 AM) Esther: I love this! Wonderful 'train of thought' flow from beginning to end. You only see shadows if you are standing in the light..... Sandra Uriah Hamilton (5/20/2006 7: 10: 00 PM) I've been prowling in the darkness, finding nothing, but I keep looking. Patricia Gale (5/19/2006 11: 22: 00 AM) A grand read! Well thought, such depth! Out done yourself with this one. Patricia Gale

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R H 16 June 2007

With perfect sight and clarity, this poem radiates uplifting and spiritual piece Est, the final lines resound. Justine xx

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Robert Howard 05 September 2006

Great job, Esther, Light + love = hope. Robert

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Lesa K 28 July 2006

Amazing piece! Light always does conquer dark.

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Alison Cassidy 20 June 2006

What a beautiful sentiment you express here. And how many examples of light continue to transform us - the candle, the star shining in the night sky, the sun scorching the earth, the light in the eye of the lover. I think I feel a poem coming on.... love Allie XX

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Sandra Fowler 07 June 2006

There is it would seem a human need for light. We turn to it as flowers turn to the sun. Lovely poem. Warm regards, Sandra

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