For One Who Mourns Poem by Esther Leclerc

For One Who Mourns

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Lil' firecracker, July child-to-be
Another sunny redhead, she hoped in vain
No, for you there were other dreams

'Too good for this world' was said of you
And it is true: those who find not the way to
earthly night or day are destined for the Light

(And she mourns:
'I believed in you...
I believe in you still...
Do you believe in me?
One day, my own, you will...')

Mourning is colorless; loss transcends
the blackest void. Born to this world or no, life
within changes Woman... forgetting is impossible

There's a broken heart of faith longing for the day
when at last she'll see your face: finally, you will taste
of Mother love and she, the sweetness of your soul!

('I believed in you...
I believe in you still...
Do you believe in me?
One day, my own, you will...')

(7.9.06 - To all who have lost a baby, born to this world or no)

Chuck Audette 11 July 2006

Esther - a surprising subject for a poem, but one which was so beautifully written, sad, hopeful and accepting all at once, connecting to our hearts, as the best poets do, without any apparent effort at all. - chuck

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Preeti - is here! 12 July 2006

Esther, This one touched me. It's amazing how you wrote about such a tragic subject with such finesse. Preets

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Alison Cassidy 16 July 2006

My Dear Esther, Thanks for offering these sensitively chosen words of consolation and compassion. This poem touches my very centre. Bless you. love, Allie XXX

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Rich Hanson 16 July 2006

A very poignant, honest, moving, well-written poem

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Duncan Wyllie 17 July 2006

You have told this so well, I hope that the one who mourns can find piece and move on Love duncan x

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Edward Kofi Louis 06 January 2016

Born into this world; but, death is part of us. Nice work.

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Dee Daffodil 17 February 2007

Esther...I still light a candle at Christmas...the dawn of the Millenium for me, was wracked with grief. Thank you for this lovely poem. Hugs, Dee

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Barry Van Allen 17 February 2007

Esther, I tried to pass on this, several times! My tears just wouldn't let me do that! I just had to say that! No more need be said!

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Sandra Fowler 11 February 2007

Hopefully, those who mourn will be comforted when they read this touching poem. Exceptional work, Esther. Warmest regards, Sandra

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A little bit of hope, this brings, through tear-filled eyes, E. It is beautiful. t x

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