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Creative juices run dry
And with that, so do I
I work and work
And tired by sunset

Starlight cast onto my pillow drives me insane;
I have myriads of metaphors flooding my veins.
My wish is to be an astronaut with a pen,
To shake hands with the idol rock.

Why must dawn break and
days crack to see light?
Can something beautiful
only succeed something so violent?

Fountain pen
from which ink flows
as my brain pulls thoughts
from scattered places;

His Light will not forsake us
find comfort in the darkness.
in the natural state of the universe,
He's left us to sleep.

My relationship with you, Lord
Is either overwhelming,
Overflowing tears
and a heart full of joy.

I talk about space when I talk about love
Because for me,15, writing oceans into a notebook
The stars above me feel as far-fetched as these feelings.
Love is quite frankly astronomical


I've always heard ‘little' with a tone of endearment
all my friends tell me so, and in the forest of a bustling corridor
it's hard to be anything other than ‘small'

As a writer, it's easy to be caught up,
In world of fiction.
Where the skies drive across your vision
Like the sea;

I sit in the darkness I have sanctified
For another night running away
But when I open my curtains
The following morning i see

A porcelain cage of flesh
The ligaments dance beneath it
The surface turned red in the cold
I wake with new scratches

there's light over my shoulder
looking forward is a dark path
it's easier, believe me,
to remain in the past.


It's easier to rekindle a fire
When the embers are still burning, and he knew
So was it cruel or beautiful that he'd return so soon?
Is it beautiful now that the leaves have faded back to colour

Our walking patterns are as inconsistent as our thoughts
We swell, and draw closer, near to a touch
And set apart before we feel too much
Or anything at all - I don't know what you're thinking


I cannot conjure any utterance of harmony
My thoughts are frequently lost at sea
Flotsam, ship wreck. The great blue
Controlled by the moon

if the forget-me-not feels forgotten
then the buffer breaks away
the sun does not rise in the east
and the leaves' colours don't change

Evelyn Norcott Biography

I, Evelyn Norcott, am a poetry-writer, over a poet (although I am made glad every time I am called Poetess :)) . I write the thoughts that join me in scattered places. My ambition is to published, and for my written word to be read aloud. I started writing when I was about 5. Silly songs about heartbreak I'd never felt, stories about elves and wolves, and poems about my cat's meadow-eyes. Since then, I've grown a little, but I never grew out of writing. I share quotations from my person anthology OCC, which is a collection of poetry around nature and places - everything under the sun. (OCC is something I wish to copyright before I share, so I will use the initials for now!) Please don't hesitate to comment on and rate my poetry! I really do appreciate all feedback and it helps me to grow as a writer. Thank you! ! All the best, - EN x)

The Best Poem Of Evelyn Norcott

The Moon

the moon is night time's best apology
in hopes that loneliness won't reach your window
but you'll always miss the one you love
when there's moonlight on your pillow

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I know a place, in silent ruminations, where trees are part of our constellations.

I can see three moons through this lens, I wish to be a cosmonaut with a pen.

I don't want to be creative, my mind is not a tap to be dictated.

I ask for comfort from the clouds

these lines are cages they help not to aid me

'I'll find some place quieter where I can be anything but a writer'

'my whole heart pumping thoughts into ink'

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Evelyn Norcott Popularity

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