Ezekiel Geoffery

Ezekiel Geoffery Poems

1. Before Many Hills 10/7/2013
2. Adulthood 11/30/2013
3. Life 1/7/2014
4. Fear 2/12/2014
5. Poem Of Hope 6/4/2014
6. A Lost African 6/4/2014
7. A Map To Reality 6/5/2014
8. Sailing In The Deep Of Life 6/5/2014
9. There Was I 6/7/2014
10. What Life And What? 11/19/2014
11. My Son 2/12/2014
12. Song Of A Lowly Heart 6/7/2014
13. A Song For The Birds By The Sea 6/5/2014
14. I Found A Rose Of Gold 1/7/2014
15. By The Wind And The Fire 2/12/2014
Best Poem of Ezekiel Geoffery

By The Wind And The Fire

How have I began, now that the wind and the fire interface with the rage of war. To whom should I run to as master, the fire which shall burn me out or the wind that seizes and flings me about. Which shall I run to for shelter, the promise of this world or thoughts of my heart. Why has the ocean of satisfaction suddenly gone dry! what fountain have I began, which flowed down to my thirst? what mission have praised my imagination, giving me a cheap fake victory sold out even cheaper. Now by the wind and the fire. Life has loosened me death have bundled me. The fight is not the fight I thought ...

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