Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

Gold Star - 87,118 Points (A Collection of Select Literary Works)

Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) Poems

1. Potential Consequences Of The Ph Forum... 2/14/2015
2. Woman And Time... 6/19/2015
3. Deaths Overture Passage I - [ The Coming And The Crossing ] 6/23/2015
4. Deaths Overture Passage I I- [ In Search Of Closures Covenant ] 6/23/2015
5. Woman In The Night... 7/23/2015
6. Mother Natures Abortion 8/16/2015
7. The Wisdom Of Revelation { Just A Personal Prosaic Adaptation } 8/20/2015
8. Upon Reading The Tea-Leaves Of My Father... 8/21/2015
9. Saturday's Sultry Soho Spinster { Alliteration Format }...(Rv-Rp) 8/22/2015
10. Mesothelioma... - 8/26/2015
11. A Rock Solid Warning From Above... 8/27/2015
12. Impotence... 9/5/2015
13. The Star...The Wish...The Coming... 9/14/2015
14. Requiem For The Summer Of '15.... 9/15/2015
15. Movements Of A Mermaid In Presto... -Rp- 9/16/2015
16. Point Of Submission [ Deictic Conclusions ] 9/16/2015
17. Oh, The 'charm'' Of Our Classic Poets...( 9/23/2015
18. The Good Shepherd Francis { A Papal Laudation } 9/26/2015
19. Santería...{ Artists Against Animal Anathema } 9/27/2015
20. The Last Days Of Earth { A Clockwork Destiny I I } 9/29/2015
21. ' Souls In Sleep... (Rv-Rp) 9/29/2015
22. Playing God In Osage, Wyoming... (Rep.) 12/6/2015
23. The Bright Green Lights Of A New York Night... 12/9/2015
24. Th' Black Rose O' St. Catherine's Field O' Dublin Town { An Dubh Rós De Gra } - 12/17/2015
25. Alzheimers-[ No ''body'' Should Become A ''soul''like This] 12/18/2015
26. From The Womb Of Iblis... - 12/23/2015
27. Christmas 'ku (I) (The Ck Series) 12/25/2015
28. Christmas 'ku I I (The Ck Series) 12/25/2015
29. Christmas 'ku I I I (The Ck Series) 12/25/2015
30. Of Winterscape... 12/30/2015
31. Fj R 's New Years Wish... 1/1/2016
32. It's Not About Science, Just Satellites... 1/3/2016
33. Little Christmas { Feast Of The Epiphany- An Acrostic Verse } 1/4/2016
34. Loving You- { Makes Me Feel Quite Immortal } 1/19/2016
35. The Great Coca-Cola Caper Of '69... 1/22/2016
36. Over-Expectations 1/22/2016
37. Two Wishes From The Wishing Well (A Story-Tale In Senryu Format) 1/26/2016
38. The 'ku Courting Of Madame Butterfly... 1/26/2016
39. Happy Morning People Waiting On The Monday Morning Train 1/26/2016
40. Haiku For The Work Of Stephen King... 1/27/2016
Best Poem of Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

' Emeralds And Black Diamonds...

Lie down lass, with me, in sage green meadows
Your blouse flouncing open, in the teasing breeze
The meadows, feel so cotton, this time of year
Come lay beside me lass, and sense the softness

Open field, sweet honeysuckle....arouses my yen
For passion 'neath th' sparkle by th' mid-noon sun
No clouds abide our scape of choice, to pleasure
An', again I ask you lass, come lay you down by me

Come close my love...these hungry emerald eyes
Beg to stare into your warm, black diamond eyes
Take my hand in bond, my lov', as I assure you
That emeralds and ...

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M M X V... - Rev -

Understanding the broad scope of all that has been
for two-hundred scores of years......probably more,
Is to realize that regardless of what the majority
of us wants, It is the minority who sets the stage
to the anathema we are of witness to, here and now.

What to do...or say, as words and actions own-
a place in Resolutions storyline. Yet, this be no
tell-tale story for image or impact, to please

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