A Thought On Thought Poem by Fred Babbin

A Thought On Thought

Rating: 3.7

I think that all higher animals - primates, mammalian and ornithic pets, etc. 'think' to a certain extent.

Why do I think?
There is no alternative.
I am condemned to think,
To be obsessed with thinking—
But so is my dog.

Ivor Hogg 09 December 2007

I agree with you but it seems that only man is obsessed with thinking about thinking. Animals may seem to rely on instinct which to a certain xtent they do but I have seen them In particular domestic acts. Meet an obstacle to their insatiable curiosity. Then apparently stop to consder their options but almost invariably succedd in getting to where they want to be

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Gregory Gunn 13 December 2007

Hey, hey, we're the Super Monkeys! Higher primates indeed. Just a thought on 'A Thought on Thought' but then again, this member of Homo sapiens, because he has the ability to walk upright tends to think too much anyway. GG

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Katharine O'Neal 16 December 2007

heh, wow, what an interesting poem. kind of strange but i really like it because you're right, other animals think, such as dogs, it's just that self-centered humans don't always notice/think so. nicely done,9/10

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David Stephens 23 December 2007

Fred, I like your 'Thought on Thought', though I think you could lose the 2nd line. It reminds me of when I lived in a caravan in Cornwall - the cows in the next field would come to the fence to listen to my stereo. A friend used to bring his flute over to platy to them; I merely talked to them. He had the better of it! What vanities. Anyway I wrote a little 'flea' haiku which your poem brought to mind: When I lived alone cows would often visit me, chewing on my words. Keep it up and keep cutting! Essence is all

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Jerry Hughes 17 May 2008

Methinks this is excellent, woof woof!

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Gone Away 21 February 2010

This made me laugh! and think!

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Michael Gale 03 May 2009

Ya got me to thinking. Ever hear of LaGrange Il, or Brookfield? God bless all poets-MJG.

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Vaibhav Pandey 13 December 2008

now that's an original one. 10 all the way.

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Reshma Ramesh 23 September 2008

haha! ! interesting.....read mine on the same lines thoughtless thoughts

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Ashraful Musaddeq 30 August 2008

A non-typical thought on thought.

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