George Russell Cook Poems

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A Curious Lass Called Penny

One day a curious lass called Penny
Went out with a kiltie called Lenny
That day the wind blew
And up the kilt flew

Remembering You

Remembering you
From dawn's early light
'Til the time dusk falls
And then all through the night

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey,
A spider who spied her
Sat down beside her

There's An Old Man Living In My Street

There's an old man living in my street
An old man I oft times chance to meet
He tells me how much his life has changed
With everything in it rearranged

A Newly-Wed Couple Named Biddle

A newly-wed couple named Biddle
Booked into the Love Nest in Criddle
As they lay on the bed
She looked up and said

Somewhere Is Better Than Nowhere

Somewhere is better than nowhere
Sometimes it's just so hard to go there
If a chance you should gain though
Just cross over that rainbow

Don't Let Old Age Get You Down

Don't let old age get you down
I have often heard it told
That's OK and that is fine
If you're not the one who's old

It's A Worrying Life

Some days I will
Some days I won't
Some days I do
Some days I don't

When I Reach The End Of Earth's Highway

When I reach the end of earth's highway
I will enter a world anew
A world that is known as God's Garden
Where I will meet again with you

This Is A Story I Want To Tell

This is a story I want to tell
About an old man I know quite well
He speaks of times not set in his ways
The times he had in his younger days

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