An Ode To Dna Poem by Gita Ashok

An Ode To Dna

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Even though you’re minuscule,
we call you a macromolecule.
The brainchild of Watson and Crick,
you make our biological clocks tick.

Being a double helix, you deserve a lot of attention
and you hold plenty of genetic information;
though at times you carry misinformation
which is when we say you have undergone mutation.

With a sugar-phosphate backbone on the outside
and many pairs of nitrogenous bases inside
where A bonds with T and C bonds with G,
you are truly packed with a lot of energy.

You hold the key to the destiny
of every little cell inside me.
You make us mortals grow, you let us repair
and you enable propagation of species everywhere.

You are often misused by genetic engineers;
yet you offer a new lease of life to many others.
You hold the blueprint for all protein,
You’re truly Mr. Monk’s hero in a crime scene.

02 June 2010
3 pm

This is a small attempt on my part to highlight some of the important properties of deoxyribonucleic acid – commonly called DNA that is the biochemical basis of all life. I have tried my best to keep it as simple as possible. A, T, C and G are the nitrogenous bases found in DNA and they are adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine, respectively.

My inspiration to write this came after I watched a popular crime serial called ‘Monk’ on the television recently. Mr. Monk plays the detective in it and he is the person I am referring to in the concluding line of this poem.

Subbaraman N V 06 June 2010

A great scientific exposition that can be understood by an old man like me! Great!

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Avik Datta Gupta 06 August 2012

Mindblowing...would be a treat for a Bio Proffessor

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Gan Chennai 23 June 2010

Simplicity is the mantra of this poet, making everyone understand the poems without much fuss. Some poets give the reader herculean tasks to decipher the contents. Good.

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Amrit Rathi 13 June 2010

One can't believe how far the poet's imagination travel! You have unfolded the mystery of DNA in a very simple, yet precise details in your unique poetic format. Congratulations! I give 10+. You can also read my poem...The Synthetic Life and My Circus!

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Saadat Tahir 10 June 2010

very nice... different and indeed difficult... u must b a bio pro, , well done cheers

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Hans Vr 07 June 2010

When I saw the title, I really wanted to read the poem, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. DNA is so important to us and to every form of life. Really the pinnacle of our God's creation.

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