As The School Bell Rings Poem by Gita Ashok

As The School Bell Rings

Tis sharp two
in the afternoon.
The school bell rings
as the day is done.

After calm comes a storm
and the school ground now
is a turbulent sea -
of children in frenzied activity.

Some are running, some sprinting,
some scampering while some are strolling.
Some are walking towards the gate
while some are squatting on the staircase.

Some are running towards the school bus
while some are looking out for their parents.
Some are being escorted by their teachers
while some are busy chatting with their friends.

Mobile phones are ringing incessantly
and people are talking animatedly.
Bus drivers in buses are waiting impatiently
and the children inside are yelling frantically.

Tis now sharp three
in the afternoon.
Now comes calm after the storm
and the school ground now is a sea of serenity.

02 June 2010
11 am

Gan Chennai 23 June 2010

Look at these buds make everyone feel excited. When I go to school pickup my child, I would enjoy these kid playing games like 'Inky pinky ponky father had a donkey'. These children are worry less. That 's the reason they enjoy every moment. As they grow old everything becomes topsy-turvy Someone said that at Primary school level all teachers should be of Phd Level, so as to mold them properly. I really enjoyed this poem.

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Hans Vr 07 June 2010

Very sharp observation. A common recognisable moment in almost everybody's life, poetically described. I really enjoy reading your poems, Geeta.

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Preetam Shetty 07 June 2010

A great write.....i do not know if you wanted to convey this but as I read, I could relate your school bell with the call of the church bell Humans keep their lives chaotic as they live......but then there is a day of eternal silence and serenity

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Subbaraman N V 06 June 2010

I recollect my early school days 64 years ago - no school van, no cell phone, not at 2 o'clock but at 4-30 pm! A nice write!

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Joelstine Gonzaga 02 June 2010

haha great way to put it all. Very good

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