Michael Shepherd God Poems

! God! You'Re Like, Sooo Banal...

Imagine - if you'll
pardon that phrase addressed
to poets, of all people -

! Saint Nicholas Of Cusa On The Face Of God

In thy dear image and thy likeness, Lord,
are we as human made, your servant tells;
how then to know ourselves, in this new sight,
and where to look, to see our godly selves?

! To A God-Daughter On Her Sad Poem

Yes, we get blasé and dismissive on this site –
reading in the reams of Poemhunter posts
‘yet another poem of teenage angst’,
we say, scanning the raw wounds

0135an Informal Note To God

In case you were on holiday, this nice sunny weather,
(and may I say, what a great idea the Sun is?)

! ' How Can God Allow This...? '

The cry goes up…
making atheists out of believers,
believers out of atheists…

0289 Bacchus, God Of Poetry And Wine

The famous Poet Laureate
of North Dakota State
has been suspended on full pay
just because one merry day

! God's Notebook 1: Material Under Declassification

...so the next week
I thought, why not bring
these rather fine elements together

! God Is In The Banana Skin...

God, say those who learn of Him,
Is eager to be our teacher…

who would love to sit quietly beside us,

! God And Michelangelo Paint A Ceiling

‘And now, ladies and gentlemen,
above you – ladies, it’s easier with
the mirror from your purse…
Monsieur, Signor, Mein Herr…

! ! Never Say It Is Not God

Never say it is not God.
Hafiz said that, lived it.

And that’s all really:

0025 How Many Steps To God?

What are you looking at, this moment? ..
You can answer this question?

0009 God's New Year Hangover

I’m wondering –
with, I trust, due circumspection
with respect to these holy, mighty matters
yet with the open mind

! 0009 Thank God It's Friday

I’m on night shift at the moment so
I miss the local news. But
I take the dog up the hill, there’s
usually something going on.

! ! The God Who Talks To Children

Every child has known God:
not a God of names, or shapes;
not a God of do’s and don’ts;
not a God of alarming things;

God Friday


the heavens opened

0323 God Removes In Mysteriousways

Knock at door.

! ! God's Two-Ness

I prayed to understand
God’s two-ness:
God within me said,

! In The Spirit Of Rumi - 42 - How Far Is Far From God?

Why, O dearest to Myself,
do you try to hard to run away from God?

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