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Sifting, sorting, accumulating, notes are scattered everywhere, trying to piece together poems

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Terry Craddock 13 September 2015

Finding Strength Born In Pain the beauty of soul wrenching pain is the way it forces you to find strength... Gregory Uhan there are many ways to be strong to stand tall with the solid strength... of a forest giant an oak tree to be flexible and bend to the wind gale like a reed or to flow with alternating rhythms of water like a high mountain stream or river... all of nature is within us to choose from to seed us with multiple layers of seasoned growth our unfolding flowering diversity... so much depends upon perspective layers of depth light darkness as we journey into the story of our chosen spun web destinys... Terence George Craddock Copyright © Gregory Uhan & Terence George Craddock Written in September 2015 on the 7&9.9.2015.

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Terry Craddock 08 April 2015

Greg is gone from these pages now, but we still miss him, so with kind permission from Greg, I am going to post from his facebook page, and then comments made on this post by Eric, Greg and I in tribute to poets I love admire and respect. The original inspirational words by the philosopher and poet Gregory Uhan 'This isn't the world I envisioned. Not a world based on prejudice and superstition. But vast, open meadows, wild flowers, Mountain ranges, oceanic horizons, and vast stars that extend beyond the minds eye. People dancing, running wild, making love. no economy, no industry, just the bond between you and me. A world where the cosmos rains blessings on everybody free enough to give. A world where god is love and love is god and argument is just a harmless way to pass the time. Where everyone is right in their own right as long as doesn't infringe on the rights of others. A world where religion is just a myth expressing our common bond of consciousness. Beyond the box, that's where we love, where we live, where we thrive! ' Gregory Uhan (posted on Gregory Uhan's web page April 4 2015. Universal Truth Given Word Gifts what do we share on our life pages to wake doubters? spurs are instantaneous fleeting moment writes requiring little thought free gift given words without effort framed within a poet's mind often eureka holds riveting startling beauty revealed universal truth Copyright © Terence George Craddock Inspired by a post by Gregory Uhan and comments on that post by the poets Eric Cockrell, Gregory Uhan and Terence George Craddock. Split image from the poem 'Words Without Effort' by Terence George Craddock. Original comments: love this. shared to my page. maybe it'll help wake up the doubters. EC It was a spur of the moment write, that required very little thought. GU the gift of words without effort framed within a poets mind often holds the beauty of universal truth TGC we share a dream of freedom, not censorship and oppression TGC

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Terry Craddock 02 May 2014

Rejoice In Gregory Uhan I rejoiced when first reading Gregory Uhan because we share so many common dreams visions and hopes for humanity... I rejoiced because Gregory Uhan writes so many poems I should have written incredibly well... I was amazed because so many of Greg's themes expressions styles mirror some of the best of my own... I was exceptionally happy because Greg's words are so often thoughts which resonate in depths of my soul... I was blessed because Gregory Uhan strengthens regenerates my belief in all decent human beings can achieve... I was honoured because friendship with beautiful people always enriches illuminates our lives and when adversity strikes their support prayers are at our backs... I am smiling because I believe in the importance of soulful poems words Gregory Uhan is yet to write... Like twin souls bound in similar goals we shall walk share inspiration with fellow searchers who aspire towards truth honour integrity... God bless Gregory Uhan may harmony flow in your words, enlightenment illuminate your thoughts love ever infuse your heart... power to your pen, to all beauty wisdom you are yet to write, which shall guide searchers who will be regenerated with your words... Copyright © Terence George Craddock Written in May 2014 on the 3.5.2014. Dedicated to Gregory Uhan with best wishes, love respect and empathy.

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 11 September 2012

Well, in this world people don't care about humanity as much as they have to. they have some how forgotten the spirituality and the things that it will bring with it's self. there is always a darkness and always a light. but as we know the light will destroy the darkness. Now, We have an honorable poet here that is called dear Greg. a brave poet with a lightly mind that is able to do the great works, great works as his great and warm heart that can carry all the humans in this world. this adjective is unique, but you have it Greg. You are able to make contact with spirituality and the light in the best way and i got it from your lightly poems those just shine like polar Stars. you are a great man, a great poet, and also a unique friend. I must proud of myself because having a friend like you. your poems just bring us to the other place. always be, and always take care. See you soon here. Best wishes.

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Unwritten Soul 08 September 2012

There is a person who always keen to bring happiness and hope, and i found it nearer as he is my friend, and Greg, that is you. I like the spirit you carry in many days and nights struggling pain but yet you never know how to give up, what you have done just to keep it positive, with faith, believe and strong confidence. Always you are not just a person to only have a talent, you got big talent in writing to share to talk about peace. I always cherish for any friend that know what the meaning of friend and how deep meaning when we building a harmony community through love and care. Your style your wise mind is always cool, i am not degrade your profile to compare with Terence as both are very similar with powerful idea, strong language and skills but i am not saying you not having own identity, your identity is yours, original but it has an echoes of Terence, one of great poet. Just to say this, Most of great people having major overlapped things to discuss...that was what i saw between you two...and you are his type that born in our generation, and i love how many people here speaking from inner heart for a Peace over the world, and i see many of friends be with me, and us...your work must keep on continue as people will always need someone to rise, the more we have the better we are making it, just bring more to join by writing, use your talent my friend. Oh God please lead him some way as you wanted him to be_Soul, Unwritten Soul

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