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A quick glance was my habit.‎
A driving force, today, ‎
‎ Nudges me to stare
To deeply ponder: ‎

Allahu, the Almighty, has endowed you ‎
‎ With all characteristics of sublimity
Made me addict to and enchanted by ‎
‎ Such heavenly conspicuous affinity, ‎

Life that is much more chaotic! ! ‎
Life that is much more meaningless! ‎
Thrusts the worthless into an unexpected prominence! ‎
Social foibles and the incongruities of daily life, ‎

I must admit
The moment I step in, ‎
I feel it deep down inside me, ‎
The sense of security, stability, and tranquillity.‎

A sly fox invites the Doves and
‎ Bearded serpents for a banquet! ‎
‎ This invitation, punctuated by ‎
‎ Previous filthy small ones ‎

Shake not the corners ‎
Of the sinking ships.‎
Night vigil worshippers' foreheads ‎
Never desert the earth.‎

I can read her mind, ‎
And she can read mine! ‎

A lovely psyche in her prime

‎ A small ambitious elf kept on
‎ Galloping galloping rapidly, ‎
‎ Panting heavily to scramble
‎ Over a rocky mountain! ‎

How could I forget! ‎

The pregnant moments we shared, ‎
The very rendezvous that harboured us, ‎

The fake moral pulpits, ‎
Decked by some stooges, ‎
Are no more than balloons, ‎
Subject to the arrows of values.‎

As a violet, I picked you up, ‎
Reverently, placed you upon the pulpit, ‎
Hopefully, one day, you would flourish
And yield wildflowers' incense.‎

The victims' wrinkles paint a palette
Of misery and straying on ‎
The forehead of the grim time, ‎
The fake news, cancerous tumour, rapidly spread, ‎

Your glittering smile is seen from a mile, ‎
But outdid the sun beams on the flowing Nile.‎
The passage to your kiosk was oft frequented. ‎
A resort for intimacy and with friendship scented ‎

The odour that intoxicates me - ‎
Is it from your breath or perfume? ‎
The hands that enfold me - ‎
Are they human's or Godly ones? ‎

A moon - like face peeps through, shyly
Among the womb of clouds
Quietly, decides to land on the worldly sand.‎
A fleeting visit is the visit! ‎

How Pearls, diamonds, aquamarines, ‎
Emeralds, and all GEMS
So fast depart the earth! ‎
In ceaseless quest for a sublime ‎

How could I describe you? ‎
Will it be easy to do! ‎
Should I dress in the cloth of sculptor? ‎
Hold my chisel and engrave a miniature? ‎

The flight rides the saddle ‎
Of the floating clouds, ‎
The feeling of being close
‎ To heaven crept through.‎

The oppressed gather in groups, ‎
Spelling bitterly their grievances out, ‎
The grievous cost of being in suspense, ‎
A reward for their endless toils, ‎

Clouds of depression, SAIL
Floods of discontent, UPROOT
Storms of frustration, DESTROY
suffocating smoke of hate, ASCENDS

Hamid eldood Mahdi Biography

Dr. Hamid Mahdi Associate Professor of Literature- College of Science and Humanities, Rumah, Majmaah University, KSA)

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The Mirror hamid Eldood Mahdi

A quick glance was my habit.‎
A driving force, today, ‎
‎ Nudges me to stare
To deeply ponder: ‎
Scars of life, ‎
Grooves of time, ‎
And wrinkles of age. ‎
Grey hair stands
Engulfing the black! ‎
Nascent Protrusions
Invade the once supple, ‎
Soggy, dewy face.‎
Creaks of joints! ‎
Cracks of sight's lenses! ‎
Crystal clear! ‎

Reminiscent of past
Invokes aged pages: ‎
Old days' songs, ‎
My favourite! ‎
Old folks, ‎
My company! ‎
Old nectar, ‎
My drink! ‎
I can hear ‎
Shepherds' voices resonate! ‎
The valley echoes
‎ In turn! ‎
Pastures, water and
Soil playing the tone of life! ‎
Tuning the symphony of nature! ‎

January 31,2022‎

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Mohamed Zulfikar Ali 31 March 2021

অনেক সুন্দর কবিতা। ভাল লাগলো।

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Hamid eldood Mahdi 30 March 2021

hi Ayman, thanks for following

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Hamid 02 March 2021

Thank u so much, Alhaji

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Alhaji Ahmadu Ibrahim 25 February 2021

Very marvellous poems.

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