Hani El Bahey Poems

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True Friend

A friend is a friend forever
A friend is there and leaves you never
Through good and bad
They've given all they had

The Girl That Got Away

the world turns,
but my love stays with you.
call me crazy,
but what can i do? ? ?

My Perfect Girl

Your my perfect girl,
being there when i need you.
Making me feel better,
everytime i meet you.

Distant Love

It's only been not too long.
I'm already missing you like mad.
I thought I could be strong.
But I guess not, now I'm sad.

A Story Of Love

It wasn't love at first sight
Only was it after I had seen the light
I met an angel who takes my breath away
An angel who will always be mine to stay...

The Game

Sometimes at night when I’m all alone
I can’t help but think how I have grown
through the years with all my trials
seeing God sign all the files

A Mistake

Loving you is the sweetest thing
I could ever dream
Leaving you is the hardest thing
I could ever do

Got To Know

Sitting in my bedroom,
Not knowing what to do,
So I decided to write down all my feelings,
And make it a poem, from me to you.

Family Of Friends

When I think about today,
I think about life.
Friends can easily come and
Can leave without a sight.