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Her feet float above the stage
as if carried by some unseen force.
From my view among the generally admitted
I can hardly make out the details of her face.

It was a beige sand beach beneath a copper-tint sky,
where with each untroubled step we walked away our youth.
The air carried the sound of crashing waves as the tide rolled in,
yet my lips can still retrace the imprint of her kiss.

The blue sky stretches far across the tepid marshland.
A delicate amethyst which surrounds the crouching sun
signals every cloud to it's place along the horizon.

Should you find yourself at the captain’s helm,
as everyone around you is jumping ship.
Do not lose your stride.
Do not miss a step.

Have you ever clung to a desire for so long
that your eyes saw nothing else?
The most beautiful part of existence is the ability to dream,
to aspire toward a goal, no matter how lofty!

I move above the anxious crowds
in a perilous tightrope act.
With each word I write
every confession & concession made,

Can you peer through those eyes?
The radiance must be blinding.

As I gaze into them I've come to understand

My memory is a Polaroid picture left in the sun.
The scene is discolored and warped,
and I’m left with only an abstract memory
as if I had heard the story second hand.

Seven Suns and all that has come
since the day your spirit took flight.
yet it's only a candle's flicker in my eyes.

The burden of reality, and conscious procedures
prevent me from fully recalling just how vivid your presence was
though, I can venture with enough forethought, to express it:
Your hair seemed to float in a dance of jubilation through the air,

Tragedy surrounds us in this life.
The seeds of Hatred, Cruelty, and Oppression,
easily grow to rival the heights of Redwood forests.
It's so easy to find yourself lost in this cold dark world.

I have attempted a spiritual bargain.
I have called upon God and sold him my world
so that I might invent you,
the perfect word.

Hunter Dasten Biography

Hunter Dasten was born May 3rd 1987 in Atlanta Georgia. He currently lives and writes in Savannah, Georgia. His poetry has appeared in Moonshine Arts Magazine, The Istanbul Literary Review, Ovi Magazine, and The Blue Fog Journal.)

The Best Poem Of Hunter Dasten

A Ballerina's Dance

Her feet float above the stage
as if carried by some unseen force.
From my view among the generally admitted
I can hardly make out the details of her face.
But those graceful movements are so alluring
each subtle step, precise, and all consuming.

She is the most vulnerable of all artists,
performing a dance that demands every emotion soak through her skin.
Each fluid movement pulls from the reservoir of her experience.
Trained from a young age to move agilely across the stage,
bearing the weight of the world upon her shoulders;
My Ballerina has more heart than anyone else on earth.

This reckless transparency, on the stage, is her glory.
Yet in the average corner of existence
this susceptibility to the sun's rays
would leave one suffering the harshest burns.
My Ballerina hurdles from one emotional extreme to another
with the cyclical tensing and relaxing of each muscle.

My Ballerina is a martyr for her art, and a saint among the flock.

Hunter Dasten Comments

Ramin Chaman 13 November 2008

Hi Hunter I think your poem's are impressive. in the meantime..yummy Ramin

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Peter Tamburrino 19 November 2008

Very well written. Definitely have a natural talent. Will look forward to reading your other works.

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Allysyn Bryant 21 November 2008

Hunter...your poems are great. Could almost take me into a different world while reading them, like the one about the little girl. that one got me. You're a great poem. Keep it up!

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Nithya Raghavan 24 November 2008

the poem 'the dreams' was very nice.wish it were a bit longer.

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brianda Hernandez 12 December 2008

impressive. you have potential.....

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Jonothan Queen 28 January 2010

very vivid imagery, i can picture it so clearly in my head, read mine and leave feedback, thanks, if any atlest destroyed beauty, thats my best one, thanks

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Brandie Ybarra 08 July 2009

when I read the copper tint sky one I loved it I could practically smell the salt water and feel the breeze

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~ Jon London ~ 28 February 2009

If you're looking for dreamy visual reads, Hunter's work projects everything you're searching for. A fine poet, who's voice you'l enjoy visiting

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Dr. Rupender Jeet Singh 02 February 2009

Wowwwwwwww! Allright your Ballerina is a martyr. I love this one. Keep writing & in touch. Thanks and regards. Rupender

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Nithya Raghavan 19 December 2008

the poem 'an immutable act' made an interesting is true that some people who are very close to us slip away quite quickly.congratulations! keep writing!

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