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1. 'Love' Save It For Somebody Stupid 10/25/2013
2. Impossible To Live Without 10/25/2013
3. I Battle Self Hatred 10/25/2013
4. Six Feet Under 10/28/2013
5. The Dream Within 10/27/2013
6. Play Better Than The Day Before 10/29/2013
7. Seeing? 10/30/2013
8. I Am Me 10/29/2013
9. Distance 11/1/2013
10. Change Me 11/1/2013
11. You And I 11/1/2013
12. Goodbye 11/3/2013
13. My Worst Nightmare 11/3/2013
14. Being Me 11/3/2013
15. Matters Of The Heart 11/3/2013
16. Innocent Tears 11/3/2013
17. I Hate You 11/3/2013
18. Life Isn'T Real 11/3/2013
19. Three Little Words 'I Love You' 11/3/2013
20. Regrets 11/6/2013
21. Hearts 11/6/2013
22. I Am A Part Of All That I Have Met 11/7/2013
23. Dirty Laundry 11/24/2013
24. Once Upon A Time 11/24/2013
25. Free Yourself 11/25/2013
26. Those Eyes 11/26/2013
27. True Love 11/26/2013
28. Bedroom Slave 11/29/2013
29. A Stranger That Was So Full Of Himself 11/29/2013
30. Life Is A Sad Tale 12/21/2013
31. Only God Knows Why 12/27/2013
32. Cheers To Tears 12/30/2013
33. Mr. Politician 1/4/2014
34. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 1/7/2014
35. Not Ready For Goodbye 1/22/2014
36. Stop Playing The Victim 12/25/2013
37. Find Me 11/29/2013
38. Lost 11/21/2013
39. To Be Awake Is To Be Alive 1/1/2014
40. Another Day Without You 1/25/2014

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Another Day Without You

Ibrahim Sumayya

Another Day Without You

There are so many things I want to say
I can’t let this chance go by without letting you know
Underneath these words I just put on this paper
Deep inside there is a terrible pain that eats me up
You don’t have a clue of how my life has been since I left home
I wake up every morning wondering why I took that step
Day and night, I cannot swallow the pain
I feel when I don’t see you around
Being far from you hasn't been easy, nothing seem to change
I dwell on pain and anger in a dreadfully deep ...

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I Am Me

One of the best parts of life's story
Let reality be reality
People's opinion can not define my reality
Everyday people come in and out of my life
There is only one me for all time
The most valuable gift I ever received
Is me
I'm what I am
That is all that I can be

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