Is It Poetry

Gold Star - 33,576 Points (1958 - / Bus-Boys And Poets, Washington D.C.)

Is It Poetry Poems

761. Being Genteel And 'south' Bright Lights 12/24/2009
762. Being Grateful 3/2/2014
763. Being Homeless I Hate 10/12/2011
764. Being Honest 5/12/2011
765. Being Ill And Alone 10/30/2014
766. Being Infamous 7/7/2013
767. Being Last You Were First 8/10/2015
768. Being Many Forms 7/8/2010
769. Being Milked By Hand 1/5/2016
770. Being Milked I Did Not Die 2/2/2014
771. Being Murdered Most Were Brave 4/16/2012
772. Being 'My' Best Friend 'I' Came To Be 12/12/2009
773. Being Not Genteel And Good Night 10/28/2009
774. Being Over Needful Things 8/16/2009
775. Being Simple I Am, Perhaps 11/4/2010
776. Being Sniffed 8/23/2011
777. Being Strong 7/29/2011
778. Being Touched 10/20/2010
779. Being Withdrawn 7/17/2011
780. Being Yoked 1/10/2011
781. Being, Both Exposed 12/6/2010
782. Believe And Believing 7/13/2011
783. Belonging To Ms. Cherry 10/11/2014
784. Below The Outlaw 9/28/2009
785. Bending Over, ' You 8/31/2010
786. Beneath Tan Skin 4/4/2009
787. Beneath The Full Moon 6/19/2011
788. Beneeth My Chest Beats Your Heart 1/11/2011
789. Beneeth The Other Side 7/9/2010
790. Beneeth Your Foot I'M Me. 2/24/2009
791. Bent Bandannas 3/20/2009
792. Bequest Beheld 5/15/2010
793. Beside Me Is Still Some Water 9/6/2009
794. Beth's Closet 4/26/2011
795. Better Me Than Thee 6/17/2010
796. Between Each Pulse 4/23/2011
797. Between Each Squeeze 9/30/2009
798. Between Each Toe 9/28/2009
799. Between 'Each' Wink 12/5/2009
800. Between Here And There I Rest 9/6/2009
Best Poem of Is It Poetry

'She' Is As The 'Moon' Light

In beauty she walks by me.
and her throaty is so pale.
she It is as the moon light.
and how i struggle hard and blue vein,
not in vanity to reach the other side.
It is so full and heavy and as it is you so ethereally,
and it being you, it does shine down.
Wrapping around it
as i gaze up each night at twin half moons.
i sleep between them, you hold it there untill
sleep over takes us.
Too there, by the pond as does the white stork,
as it stands on one leg as a frog moves slowly down.
And as i watch mesmerized, that lump is mine,
and with my hand,...

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C*taking Turns *

Short of wind your breath belies
the dragging of your heal in
dust we trust.

Sweat dried sand to face
scoured fresh blush the
wind has made
to know.

Wind lifts my arms to take
from you this gift is
precious so.

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