Ivy Christou Poems

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Thank You And I Love You

My dear friend,
I haven’t told you this,
I always guess that people know,
But you are a part of my existence,

Hide Behind A Smile

My friend,
Let me hide behind a smile,
Even if you know the truth.

A Letter From The Soul To The Mind

A day later and I’m still here,
I’m sorry that I didn’t disappear
as you wanted me to,
I’m sorry that I’ll be the reason

Butterflies Are Fragile

All I need right now is to be left alone,
Forgotten by the rest of the world,
Forgiven by my soul,
which I have disappointed once again.

Daisies Don’t Lie

A peaceful rainbow
painted with our colourful memories,
butterflies around us
dancing tango with the wind

Against The War

The insanity of each battle,
And people attack each other
And people die..

My Guardian Angel

I was there when you were born,
everyone said that you looked like an angel.
For me you were an angel.
The nurse put you in my arms

Final Goodbyes Are Said With No Regrets

I think this is the point were goodbyes
Sound appropriate and are said with no regrets.
It is a sign of wisdom if you know
When to move forward and leave some things behind,

Fake World

I don’t see a falling star but I’ll make a wish,
My guardian angel is out there and he‘ll listen to me.
Take me away from this world of lies
And let me live in a place where love never dies.


I always thought that sunflowers
were too common to be loved,
Until you gave me one.
And then like a sunflower,

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