Final Goodbyes Are Said With No Regrets Poem by Ivy Christou

Final Goodbyes Are Said With No Regrets

Rating: 5.0

I think this is the point were goodbyes
Sound appropriate and are said with no regrets.
It is a sign of wisdom if you know
When to move forward and leave some things behind,
Keeping happy memories as a fraction of your well being
And saving the unhappy ones in the folder
of future reference.
And it has nothing to do with giving up on people
But it is all about giving your self a second chance
Before you give them all away with no return.

I will not pretend that this is painless
And that it was an easy decision to make.
We went through rainbows and light rain,
With butterflies and green eyed monsters in between,
And I have learnt to appreciate that
Holding on to a balloon
Does not always mean that
You are going to reach the sky.

I end this with out blaming you or me,
People build walls between them all the time
And I hope that when I wish you all the best
In the future I will truly mean it.

Duncan Wyllie 21 January 2006

Thankyou Ivy I loved the passion in this one.Love Duncan

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Max Reif 21 January 2006

nicely written, Ivy. Your images express express the feelings well.

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Lara W.a 22 January 2006

Another great one from Ivy. Beautiful; but think u heard that many times before; -)

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Sandra Fowler 01 May 2006

Saying good-bye successfully is really an art. You have reached your goal in this poignant write. Warm regards, Sandra

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Daniel Tyler 04 February 2006

Super piece, heartfelt and personal.

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Duncan Wyllie 02 February 2006

Dear Ivy, coming across loud and clear a poem with true acceptance and beauty. Love from Duncan

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Seán O' Muiriosa 28 January 2006

I really like this one Ivy. You express yourself so clearly and vividly in your poems. That's not a bad quality to possess! Well written.

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Uriah Hamilton 23 January 2006

Always be kind to yourself and give yourself that second chance when needed.

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