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Butterflies Are Fragile

Rating: 4.4

All I need right now is to be left alone,
Forgotten by the rest of the world,
Forgiven by my soul,
which I have disappointed once again.
Can I now shrink in a corner
like I did when I was a child?
Can I now run in my mother’s arms
so she can give me comfort with her love?
Can I now have my wings back?
Because I feel like an angel dismissed from heaven.
And if I can’t be compared with one
can I be considered as a butterfly?
Because when butterflies
get too close to the bright light
they burn...

Jonsie White 26 February 2005

this poem is ok but needs some work, you should break up the poem better, and revise it a bit, you'll get more meaning in your questions

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Georgios Venetopoulos 11 February 2013

Seven years after, can you write again and become a friend? From Athens, early winter morning in February.

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Erhard Hans Josef Lang 13 August 2006

truly wonderful, all of your poems, especially enchanted I felt reading this message of a beautiful butterfly here...

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Sandra Fowler 06 July 2006

Very beautiful, poignant write. Butterflies may be fragile, but they have their day..As you do, Ivy. Warm regards, Sandra

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Indiscreet Episode 11 November 2005

Wonderful way of describing how it hurts to fall from grace with anyone. I think we are too hard on ourselves when we feel 'burnt'. Lovely poem.

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Gina PrettyBrownEyes 30 June 2005

'like an angel dismissed from heaven' thats my favorite part. you're good at describing emotions. ;)

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