Jacquelynn Bobbs

Rookie (May 18,1996 / Belle Vernon, PA)

Jacquelynn Bobbs Poems

1. Louder Than Steel 4/12/2011
2. Why Hunter Keeps His Distance 4/12/2011
3. Hair Trigger 4/13/2011
4. Reverse Perfection 4/15/2011
5. Reason Of My War 4/15/2011
6. Adults 4/19/2011
7. Worthless Aloholic 4/19/2011
8. Home 4/21/2011
9. Diseased 6/17/2011
10. Mariah, My Sister 6/18/2011
11. Through Shattered Shards Of Me 11/12/2011
12. Acid Usually Hurts 12/27/2011
13. Hypocratic Termination 3/14/2012
14. Forevermore 4/2/2012
15. Rose 4/12/2012
16. Anguish 4/11/2011
17. The Child 4/11/2011
18. Friends 4/11/2011
19. Cheer Up! 5/10/2012
20. A Fallen Dreamer's Prayer 4/11/2011
21. Of The Geisha, Of The Soul 5/5/2012
22. Revenge 4/11/2011

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Best Poem of Jacquelynn Bobbs


Where were you?
Where were you when I needed help?
Where were you when I needed saving from myself?
Where were all day long,
When everything was going wrong?
Don’t you see the tears that I’ve cried?
Don’t you hear the wishes that have died?
I don’t know why I’m not perfect
I don’t know why I try,
Maybe it’s because
I do know there’s a limit
Somewhere deep inside
There’s a part of me
That wants to smile
To look at life as if was worthwhile
But it’s not
It never will be
Because there’s another part of me
That wants to kill someone in ...

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The Child

I’m slipping
Everything I thought was fine is chaos
Why do I even bother trying
It ends up the same every time
The fights are getting louder
I wish they would shut up
My wish won’t be granted though
None of them are
I should just end it all

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