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Dark as my world may seem
I roam through a world of dreams
Through the kisses of the misty winds
And all the places my tears has been

A blackened cloud
an unstable ground nor sound
a hollow space
and empty place

Dear Mom,
I don't know what would make you happy
To let go of who i am and give you a better me
To make my flaws vanish in a second just for your reasons

Whenever i kiss you i float amongst the stars
whenever i dream of you i travel long and far
hoping the distance won't fade and take you away
and take your sweet kiss from me today


The ocean rushes into your head
as you believe with all the truth you have left
and your mind tainting away into your emptiness, where know one is home
fading into the darkness till you feel alone

I cut myself too see my blood
I cut myself cause i feel like a flood
am mad when i cut
am sad when i start

In my mind i capture and seduce you with the inevitable blashphemy dreams of sex
Lust at our sight dominating our control of the prudent mind,
it's so clear of what this can lead to next
your eyes gazing at me

I don't know anymore
Who i am
What i can do
It's all out of my hands and i don't care to understand

It can't be real
it can't be real
the things i see, the things i feel
it can't possible be real


I don't remember why or have a clue
but i think that i might be falling for you
I've fallen so deep that i can't breathe
drowning in your words i fall asleep

A butterfly amongst the ocean wall will tell about me
the solitude of the moon
and the mirror images of the sea
The mild breeze gliding though the waves knows me best

I can't wash it all away
can't dream it all away
All we've done and now your all gone
Oh, i remember you a character i made

We were in loves war
where he couldn't live anymore
he believed our love was so much more
for i was his truth he's proof of love, the only thing he lived for

The moon so immense the light it shows
has so much things we'd never know
sometimes it hides beyond our mountains
then slowly it starts to darken


You remind me of a sunny day
when i see you am just blown away
i just love the way you are
like an endless shining star

Beneath the moon i wait for you
beneath the moon i stay with you
until darkness rings a bell
and you are swept away into the depths of hell

close your eyes
let me wonder on my own
before i die
I'll drink my last alcohol

All the words i say
are like whispers on a page
my voice is never heard
not even a word

Under the moon i see you
Under the moon i live for you
where have you gone my love, my king of the sea
I can't think of anywhere you can be but with me........ with me

Lets go somewhere far and long
somewhere where we both belong
where we'd stay awake and say sweet words
where we'd Ly under a blossomed tree and listen to the songs of birds

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JUST A TEENAGER LIVING LIFE whatever i grow through during the day or year i express through my poems sometimes i maybe to dramatic and sometimes i may enjoy my misery a litle too much but poetry is my passion)

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Dark as my world may seem
I roam through a world of dreams
Through the kisses of the misty winds
And all the places my tears has been

Through time I am alone
Traveling to a place where I belong
Memories living in my shade
And so they start to fade

Words like echoes in my head
Reminding me of the things I bleed
Where am I going? I don't know
Far from where it's cold

Escaping with my worthless soul
So the sun may shine with rays of gold
And my soul may be luminous, from gloom, and bold
To wherever my heart may lead
To a place where I believe

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