A Childhood Summer Poem by Jayne Louise Davies

A Childhood Summer

Rating: 4.9

I remember those long hot Summers as if they were yesterday,
When the sun shone down on our street, the place I loved to play.
For many a window glistened, cleaned well to a sparkling shine,
Where starched white shirts blew gaily, on many a washing line.

I remember the sounds of the trains at night, as they passed on the track below,
Way down, the steep embankment, where many wild ferns would grow.
And many a door was left ajar, a life filled with Honesty and Trust,
When everyone toiled and struggled, to bring home a well earned crust.

I remember the old wheels turning, at the colliery across the way,
And I still see the old Miners faces, as they finished their shift for the day.
Their eyes still black from the coal dust, they'd make their way home from the pit,
Eager to rest their weary legs, but still full of banter and wit!

I remember the loveable character, who lived just across the street,
He'd sit outside his window, and shout from his favourite seat.
With his belly full of beer, he'd be heard on a Saturday night,
Then wake the whole street with a song and a dance! He looked such a comical sight!

I walked the lovely hillside, so often with my Dad,
And so enjoyed the tales he told, of when he was a lad.
These were the best years of our lives, in a very special way,
I'll never forget those Summers, that seem like yesterday.

Jayne Louise Davies

A Childhood Summer
Memories of my childhood in Abercynon,
Bri Edwards 23 December 2021

you used an apostrophe in 'Summer's' twice. Too bad it should be 'Summers'. Ha ha. You're forgiven. bri ;) I liked the poem. Thanks.

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PREMKUMAR C N 08 December 2022

Beautiful poem dipped in nostalgic memories. Like a painting, the images are so vivid.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 February 2022

A most beautiful poem of sweet memories, nostalgia Jayne, aptly worded 5 Stars.I have enjoyed tremendously

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Jayne Davies 03 February 2022

Thank you Sylvia x

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Kim Barney 02 February 2022

A great poem full of nostalgia. The 'Good Old Days' are full of fond memories.

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Jayne Davies 03 February 2022

Thank you Kim! It was a great time, with fond memories.

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Craig Moses Uche 31 December 2021

I love the ending of this poem and it brings back some memories for me too, congrats on a beautiful poem

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Jayne Davies 02 January 2022

Thank you Craig.

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Craig Moses Uche 31 December 2021

This poem is truly imaginative, you are a wonderful writer. Please consider reading a few of my poems as well like 'Let's Grow Up Together'

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Jayne Davies 02 January 2022

Thank you. I look forward to reading your poems.

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Jayne Louise Davies

Jayne Louise Davies

Abercynon, Rhondda Cynon Taff
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