Positivity Poem by Jayne Louise Davies


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I sat down, onto the large leather chair,
Looking around at the others, already sitting there.
Faces of people I didn't know,
Some glanced at me,
I felt, as if I was on show.
Fear rose high, to the back of my throat,
I reached for a chewing gum, from the pocket of my coat.
Why am I here?
The thought swirled around in my head,
I wished for nothing better right now,
Than to be in my cosy home,
Happily, listening to music instead.
The nurse sat down beside me,
She asked me my name and date of birth,
Then I thought to myself after a while,
I'm just a name, a number, to someone else.
But my life means so much more to me,
I have a wonderful family that I love,
Is there someone looking over me at this time,
To maybe hear my plea,
Please let me live!
I looked again at all those other faces,
What sort of lives did they lead?
Different ages, genders.
I wondered what thoughts were going through their minds at that moment.
I realised I wasn't on my own,
But in this fearful reality,
I felt, Oh so alone.
A lady walked into the room,
She'd lost all her hair,
The chemotherapy, had ravaged her beauty,
As she sat in the chair,
She glanced at me and gave me a lovely smile,
It was just what I needed, for I'd be here a while.
You'll be fine, she said,
I'm on my last treatment,
Keep a positive attitude. Chemo she said, is the evil that does good.
I remembered those words, as often as I could.
Now twenty years later, I sit here and write,
Enjoying the little things, that grace my life,
Whatever happens, big or small,
Positivity will guide you, through it all.

Jayne Davies

Back in 2002, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was a very emotional time of my life, but with positivity, I got through it. Cancer is just a word, not a death sentence.
David Wood 10 January 2022

Lovely poem about life's challenges, but your right, developing a positive mental attitude is the only way to go.

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Jayne Davies 10 January 2022

Thank you David.

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Lyn Paul 10 March 2023

Life can be short. We want to live a fulfilling life for as long as we can.

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Lyn Paul 10 March 2023

Jayne. You are an inspiration. "Cancer is just a word"

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Jayne Louise Davies 10 March 2023

Thank you Lyn x So appreciate your comments x

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Bharati Nayak 12 January 2022

A great write---You are a winner because of positive thought.

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Jayne Davies 12 January 2022

Thank you Bharati x

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Nabakishore Dash 11 January 2022

Optimism will take one high.nicely written.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 10 January 2022

Bravo Jayne I hope a beautiful time for the rest of yr life

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Jayne Davies 10 January 2022

Thank you LeeAnn for your lovely comment,

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Jayne Louise Davies

Jayne Louise Davies

Abercynon, Rhondda Cynon Taff
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