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Sandra Martyres 22 October 2009
Jon is a very talented poet who connects easily with his reader - His poetry comes straight from the heart, and he shares as Bob says his experiences with so much feeling, that everyone is automatically drawn to him. There is also a lot of variety in the styles he uses, which like his powers of observation, is remarkable.Good luck Jon and please keep writing...
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Bob Blackwell 28 September 2009
What I like best about Jon's poetry, is when reading his true feelings come through to enhance the poems. He writes from the heart with lots of love for what he sees, what he has experienced, the hurts, the joys, and anger. He writes excellent poetry both in rhyme and freeform. He shows me that he notices and has observed the larger scene of life. Bob Blackwell
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Jasper Pane 25 September 2009
Jon... I have read a number of your poems. You sir...are an outstanding poet. I would go so far as to say you certainly rank in the top five percent on this and most other sites. Keep reading, there are many that share my view.
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Alandra Moreira 30 July 2009
Jon London has taken sensational poetry to a whole new level. In the way it is expressed and in the way it arouses the emotions it intends in reflect onto you. He is just an amzing writer and I am most honored that I got a chance to read his poetry and I hope that I get to read a lot more of it in the future.
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Whitney t 27 July 2009
wow! ! ! ! ! This man can write some poems ecspecially the newest one *Cocktail* you are such a marvelous writer and keep on writing whoever dont read your poems are crazyyy! ! ! LOVE THE POEMS
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James Nall 05 April 2009
Jon London is a modern day poet, that writes of his feelings and the problems faced by the world, today. if you search for truth in prose, Jon's your man. so much from the heart, Making you think about his words and the impact.Truth is the one thing, that many can't write.its much easier to make up fiction, but, Jon does an excellent job, even though he feels he has no style.Thats the one thing in his biography thats not true.JON, you are ALL style!
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I like your pwtry style. your poem that you suggested for me to read was sweet and to the point; it touched my heart. New Horizos is a very delicate poem. I kike it. Thank you for sharing it with me.
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Jon your poems made me strive myself to be a poet. you told me to express my feelings in my poems as I did so. I feel you had more advice to give for me to become a better poet but you have disappear to even ask or learn but you are my favorite poet and a great friend. your poems are very honest and heart flowing. I glad you shared your poetry upon us all please if you still are writing poems...don't stop continue to stretch your poetry to others to become creative poets and writers as you did for me Peace and Love Compton Wright
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Nicholas Hooter 16 July 2008
jon your poems come from the heart...and thats what i like
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Adele Le Keur 01 July 2008
hi john, i appreciate the fact that that your poems are honest and unpretencious..i sense youre not afraid of putting yourself..out there..a kindred soul.keep on keeping on! adele
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Clarissa Tobey 01 July 2008
jon your poems say your feelings and so much more keep writting.
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Lynda Robson 25 June 2008
Jon bares his soul in his poetry, it has all the right ingredients, take a look and you won't be disappointed, Keep penning, Lynda xx
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Kimberly Alford 23 May 2008
your poems make my day go better and u have such a personality for writing ur poems and u know that for ur self. i hope u do because ur amazing of ur poems. U take the time to realize wat u r saying in ur poems and i enjoy that alot because i love to write poems and i have a binder of my poems i shared a little first i didnt because i was to shy about them and thats why i stoped i have a hole bunch still but i just want people not to make fun of me and laugh at me because i spend alot on them. But anyways i love ur poems i have to read all of them when i get a chance k bye
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Sad _eyes 06 May 2008
i really love your poems they are really pretty and they made me cry a little bit. but i would love for you to write more! Love kellykel
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Sílvia Oliveira 30 April 2008
Dear Jon Lndon, Thanks for commenting on one of my poems! Yours Changing Ways is the first step to take to change the world! Congrats from Brasil!
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