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The World Today

the withering heights of fading grace
a mirror not reflect all, but only the face
we turn to dust what wise men say
skins and bones they wither away

And She Thinks Of Her Beloved

her lids conceal, not just the ache
but her dreams she shared with her love
the autumn in her eyes, awaits the spring
as she seeks him in the stars above

Embrace The Beauty

we speak of the splendor of the flowers when they wither
in spring there are too many of them for us to praise
a day when the sun shall seize to shine
we will speak of its warm tender rays

A Crow Complains Of His Bitter Voice

crow's eyes fixed upon a skylark
and weeps as he hear her say
beneath the tree a shadow dark
of his wings tinted faint grey

A Garbage Poem With Chracters From Ph

Miss lyn paul has a bad day as some gangsters snatch a golden chain from her neck. she chases them and the story begins.....

lyn paul came running she came with a gun
seeing her angry as hell, all the bad boys did run

A Father Without His Son

whole his life in days of gloom
he smiled and got things right
but a picture hanging on the wall
is too much of a plight

D For Dog

the way oh dear you wiggle your tail
the way you comely sit
i like the way you wet the poles
i like the way you shit

Living Fake

Of the deepest sorrow
Of every dollar that I borrowed
To the stars I take a vow
But but let me ask you now

Seeds Of Life

beneath the ground, a solitary seed
no mates are near, he hasn't any
still and slow it rises and grows
that later blooms to flowers many

Day And Night

day and night the gravest foes
still none have seen them waging wars
leaves the day, oh the fading gleams
and the night comes with his shining stars

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