Day And Night Poem by kanav justa

Day And Night

Rating: 5.0

day and night the gravest foes
still none have seen them waging wars
leaves the day, oh the fading gleams
and the night comes with his shining stars

they share their time like sons their will
each day their crown, mutely they change
the day of his light, and of darkness gloats night
yet still dwells there a bond too strange

what if they were to coexist
the blackened rays and the daylight's spark
would their spring like humans be
the glittering face, and the heart dark

Saturday, September 6, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: human nature
Ny 50 th poem, , yayyyy: D
Ramesh Rai 08 October 2014

Beautiful imagery write. you are a talented poet keep writing.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 21 September 2014

Wow creative analogy drawn btw human natures and day n night. Kudos poet! So nice to read u again kanav.

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Mihaela Pirjol 14 September 2014

I like the idea of your poem, and the contrasts in the last stanza.

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Rubab Atwal 15 September 2014

what a beautiful write... a very reflective poem..

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Chinedu Dike 19 September 2014

A highly imaginative piece of poetry. Insightful and well written. Thanks for sharing and keep it up.

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Valsa George 02 February 2016

You have beautifully juxtaposed two opposing facets of humans, a smiling face and a wicked heart and wonder if they exist as day and night - the arch enemies who stay in harmony without any open discord! This is a poem packed with meaning and full of poetic beauty! Welcome back Kanav!

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Joseph Anderson 31 January 2016

A great flowing poem with much imagery.Meaningful parallel concerning day and night.A worthy piece of poetry

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* Sunprincess * 17 December 2014

................they're beautiful kanav, they are BEST FRIENDS....they see each other every morning and every night :)

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Roseann Shawiak 14 December 2014

Great imagery, Kanav! Love how you have created this analogy between day and night and humans, very creative and imaginative! Keep on writing, I look forward to reading more of your poetry! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Lyn Paul 01 November 2014

Great write your Day and Night. Please let me know when you post a new poem Kanav. I really admire your talent. Thank You

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