Ke'Love Moss

Rookie (November 2,1994 / Indianapolis, Indiana)

Ke'Love Moss Poems

1. *a Kiss* 7/24/2009
2. *love And Abused* 7/13/2009
3. *love* 7/13/2009
4. *what You Do To Me* 7/13/2009
5. *what Am* 7/15/2009
6. *should I * 7/15/2009
7. *god It Hurts* 7/13/2009
8. *angry* 7/13/2009
9. *to Be In Love* 7/13/2009
10. *beauty* 7/13/2009
11. *love |* 7/24/2009
12. *silent Scream* 7/15/2009
13. *when I Look At You* 7/13/2009
14. *wondering* 7/13/2009
15. *deep Down* 7/13/2009
16. *sometimes I Wonder* 7/13/2009
17. *my Love For You * 7/24/2009
18. *siting Anding Thinking* 7/13/2009
Best Poem of Ke'Love Moss

*siting Anding Thinking*

I just sit, sit and think
Think about how my world feels as though its falling apart
Think about the wonderful guy I have in my life that I love si much
Think about how I need so much but want so little
Think about how much i want to find god
I just sit, sit and cry
I cry cause I'm sad, I'm sad cuz I'm mad, I'm mad cuz I don't know why cuz nobody will seem to have the right answers, why is this IDK too

So I just sit, sit and think while I cry

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*sometimes I Wonder*

Sometimes I wonder...

What a lonely man siting in a lonely man siting in a lonely corner is thinking
Is he thinking about how the wind blows at night or how the breeze feels at night or how the breeze fells to me
Is he thinking who else is siting in such a lonely corner at night
Is he thinking of his first true love or what it could have been if he would have had kids if he just wouldn't have...messed up
Is he thinking
Sometimes I wonder...what the homeless do fo

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