High Summit Poem by Kelly Vinal

High Summit

Rating: 5.0

Sing we for the finest times,
For memories of tree-lined hills –
O’er fields lay strewn of flowers gold,
Ensconced, we are composed.

Cannonades of thunder rolling
From the harbinger to be –
Sing we for forgotten promise
In the chorus of the sea.

Lay we bare to face the mountain,
And our faith is probably
Between the shattered countryside
And immortality.

Once you were the Tragic Poet,
Plunged in depths of travesty,
Plunged in sanguine dreams unspoken –
Paved in stones of misery.

Sing we for the season’s harvest:
Augustus flames on Antony –
A chorus to Apollo’s glory
Echoes soft eternally.

You stood brave where I stand broken,
The pumice roads intone:
A shadow of the angry mountain –
Montis alt, I’m coming home.

David Harris 23 February 2007

Kelly, I loved the easy rhythm of this piece. It draws you in and makes you read on and on. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. David

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Raynette Eitel 23 February 2007

This is simply the best, Kelly. The gentle rhymes and sweet rhythms make a music of your images. The endeing is simply perfect. Raynette

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K K 23 February 2007

I like this poem a lot. So emotional and enjoyable to the end. I'll be reading more of yours :) KK

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Danny Reynolds 23 February 2007

There are a few sceptics who bang on their pulpits, of the death of the rhyme! They seem awfully quiet, at present! Loved it, Kelly. Danny

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Jarmara Black 23 February 2007

really really like well done!

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... Sheila 16 April 2007

Truly awe inspiring! I have come across a brilliant poet!

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Jayne Downing 09 March 2007

What a lovely poem. Very real and very beautiful.

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 28 February 2007

Beautiful, great work smiles n hugs Rissa: -)

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Gen P 25 February 2007

Very nice poem. You are obviesly a very talented writer! x

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Duncan Wyllie 24 February 2007

I, m glad this was recommended it's excellent! Love duncan X

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Kelly Vinal

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