One-Twenty Poem by Kelly Vinal


Rating: 4.9

Everybody was
Beyond the slight of life
Lost upon enchanted places
Illuminating night –
What was once, once
Tendered in belief, that
Currency of faith, those
Wraths of retrospection
In rays of grainy space –
It was I who once comported
With a paradoxical refrain…
Or Proper or Pompous –
The silhouette's betrayal
Of rust and tattered reins.
Everybody was
Beyond the line of sight
Drawn upon the second-hour
Dreamscape we define –
What was once indelibly, incurably
Splashed upon the pale-gray canvas
Or etched in granite, bas relief
Of syncopated faith –
To ninety, on the weakest beat
Of life, the immeasurable
Aspirations of perfect
Of perfect resolve
Of perfect love.

Howard Johnson 20 December 2006

Very nice, Kelly, I have read poems in the top 500 that are not this good, excellent work.10 easly

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Martine Kolber 20 December 2006

Beautiful game of rhythm and rhymes, I like it very much: -) Take care, Martine

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Raghavan Warrier 20 December 2006

Excellent poem with a unique structure. I liked it very much

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Milly Hunter 01 January 2007

Illuminating, and methodically masterful, Kelly. Really, this is brilliantly ascribed like some arty sunset; awe-inspiring…

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Cecil (cj) Krieger 26 December 2006

In words, you have beautifully painted a picture... most wonderful

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 20 December 2006

This was quite enjoyable, Kelly...From the intrepid elocution to the crisp, dove-tail structure via well employed, short-cropt versing...Job well done, Sir! FJR

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Diane Violet 20 December 2006

Perfect, I like this very much. Exceptional poem. All the best, Diane

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Robert Howard 20 December 2006

A lovely description of changing perceptions and values. Perfectly paced.

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Kelly Vinal

Kelly Vinal

Homestead, Florida
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