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Love's Course

Love's course is like a mountain stream,
in that it comes in many guises.
For it's twists and turns its depth and strength,
it flows in many sizes.

I've seen it dry not a drop to spare,
just dust and roots laid bare.
Like my heart it would surely dry up and die,
if you were gone and never there.

White water and noise of a hellish hue,
I've seen its banks a burst.
A thunderous roar that sweeps all aside,
and quenches all of life's force thirst.

As should I wake from darkened dream,
my heart would race accursed.
Should I find an empty pillow beside,
and your face I cannot see first.

It's the gentle flow with you I crave,
with cool water soft and clear.
With blue holes that teem with life,
without a drop of fear.

Where towering gums grow toward the sky,
beneath birds and sun so near.
For this is how I want our lives,
with doubt and ugliness pushed to the rear.

I adore you so much I'll never let go,
and I am going to love you forever.
You are that beautiful river that flows through my heart,
and dam you, believe me I would never.

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