kevin hartley Poems

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Love's Course

Love's course is like a mountain stream,
in that it comes in many guises.
For it's twists and turns its depth and strength,
it flows in many sizes.

Beyond The Mirror

Please look inside your heart next time,
don't just see your own reflection.
As every choice you choose in life,
like your mirror it has it's own imperfection.

Thoughts Of Love

The words I write of you on paper,
can not portray true feelings for you.
You're a song that's caught inside my head,
a tune repeating I can't renew.

The Cost Of Love

My sleeps are a recurring nightmare,
of black dogs streaking across the sky.
Tearing gashes amongst the night time wonders,
as I stare lonely upwards and wonder why.

Only You

In my eyes there is no vision,
but the sight of your sweet face.
In my heart there's only feelings,
for the warmth of your embrace.

A Woman Like You

Without you sweetheart I'd surely die,
you lift my life by being you.
It's not just that you are beautiful'
but your strength and caring too.

Love At Last

Just once in a lifetime,
you find someone among few.
Slowly your lives intermingle,
and somehow you just knew.

Loves Journey

In my heart I'm the captain of an unsteady ship,
and it's your safe port it's that I am seeking.
High water or wind won't dampen nor impede these sails,
till you're in my arms for my own keeping.

I See You

I can see you in sunshine bright'
it's rays warming earth and sky.
I can see you in butterflies wings,
as they glide and flutter by.

Beautiful Eyes

I love your eyes your beautiful eyes,
for they speak of a thousand words.
They glow and I am drawn inside,
I can't secret the thoughts they bring.

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