Kim Barney

Gold Star - 169,453 Points (Oct 6 / I was born in a bank - - my mother went there and made a deposit)

Kim Barney Poems

1. A Man Called Marion 3/29/2015
2. The Graveyard 3/31/2015
3. Haiku: Recife Bread 4/4/2015
4. Buttered Corn 4/5/2015
5. O Bom Pastor (The Good Shepherd) 4/26/2015
6. Death In The Temple 4/26/2015
7. Daddy And Me 4/28/2015
8. Church Of A Thousand Tears 5/3/2015
9. Don't Mention It 5/7/2015
10. Shrinker 5/13/2015
11. Increasing Shadows 5/19/2015
12. Crepuscular 5/19/2015
13. More Than Just Muscles 5/20/2015
14. O Nido (The Nest) 5/24/2015
15. Golf Socks 5/26/2015
16. Limerick: Tall Paul 5/26/2015
17. Blame It On The Guaraná 6/2/2015
18. Cats (In The Style Of Mandolyn...) 6/4/2015
19. Cats (In The Style Of Michael P. Mcparland) 6/4/2015
20. Jacaré Acrostic 6/6/2015
21. Scarab Acrostic 6/6/2015
22. Elephant Acrostic 6/6/2015
23. Cats (In The Style Of Gajanan Mishra) 6/10/2015
24. Cats (In The Style Of Bri Edwards)[rather Short, Humorous (I Hope) , Not Personal, Animals, Felines, Cats, Satire, And Of Course More Words In The Title Than In The Actual Poem.] 6/13/2015
25. Cats (In The Style Of Edgar Allan Poe) 6/14/2015
26. Brazilian Tee Shirts 6/23/2015
27. Where Have You Gone? 6/24/2015
28. Passion Fruit 6/25/2015
29. Virunga 6/28/2015
30. Not From The Mouth 6/28/2015
31. Ant Highway 7/8/2015
32. Mr. Cat Is Always Underfoot 7/10/2015
33. The One That Got Away 7/15/2015
34. The Best Poem Ever 7/29/2015
35. The Beggar 8/1/2015
36. Cecil Was A Dandy Lion 8/4/2015
37. Reverend Bob 8/5/2015
38. Avoid Dengue With Watermelon 8/8/2015
39. Dog Gone 8/10/2015
40. Saying Goodbye For The Last Time 8/17/2015

Comments about Kim Barney

  • Belle Wassermeister Belle Wassermeister (12/31/2019 12:03:00 PM)

    Kim is the funniest person I know on this website. If Kumarmani Mahakul can bestow titles, then so can I.
    I hereby bestow upon Kim the title of
    The Clown Prince of Poem Hunter.

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  • Bri Edwards Bri Edwards (12/24/2019 7:34:00 PM)

    Kim, why isn't PH giving me a spot to send you a dam (n) message! ?

    Belle's two poems deleted from list this year are Cheerleader Tryouts and Visiting A Country Church.

    i just got a message from her saying she'd been very ill saying i now can share them if i wish to.



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  • A B Faniki (10/20/2019 1:47:00 AM)

    A brilliant poet and talented wordsmith

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  • ANKITA (4/25/2019 5:50:00 AM)


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  • Prabir Gayen Prabir Gayen (4/4/2019 12:53:00 AM)

    Very talented poet....God bless you.

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  • Kim Barney Kim Barney (3/19/2019 6:45:00 PM)

    Kumarmani Mahakul bestowed the title of Heavenly Fortune on me. How he came up with that, I'll never know. If I did have a fortune, that would be heavenly!

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  • Smoky Hoss Smoky Hoss (1/8/2017 9:20:00 PM)

    I think Groucho Marx may have said the line about after all is said and done, but am not certain. No matter, it is a great and true proverb.

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Best Poem of Kim Barney

Poetry Heaven

Last night I went to bed at eleven
And dreamed I went to Poetry Heaven.
Keeper of the Gate was not Saint Peter
But Robert Frost - - hey, what could be sweeter?

The first person I saw up there
was sitting in a golden chair.
It was my good friend, Hank Beuning,
And a golden guitar he was tuning.

Hank, I said, I've known you for years.
We've had some laughs, we've had some tears,
And I never knew you played the guitar!
He said, well, I don't, at least not so far,
But I've got lots of time with little to do
So I thought I might try to learn ...

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Methuselah ate what he found on his plate,
and never, as people do now,
did he note the amount of the calorie count;
he ate it because it was chow.
He wasn't disturbed as at dinner he sat,
devouring a roast or a pie,
to think it was lacking in granular fat
or a couple of vitamins shy.
He cheerfully chewed each species of food,

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