A Man Called Marion Poem by Kim Barney

Kim Barney

Kim Barney

I was born in a bank - - my mother went there and made a deposit

A Man Called Marion

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Poor old Marion Morrison,
He had a woman's name,
And yet Marion Morrison
Did rise up to great fame.

In Hollywood he was a star
And many movies made.
His fame has spread both near and far;
His mem'ry won't soon fade.

He often had a cowboy role
Or soldier or big boss.
More oft than not his fav'rite spot
Was riding on his hoss.

Oh, let me tell you just in case
I'm driving you insane:
Marion Michael Morrison:
You knew him as John Wayne.

A Man Called Marion
Sunday, March 29, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: people
Wikipedia says he was born Marion Robert Morrison, but his middle name was changed to Mitchell when his father decided to name his second son Robert. Other sources say he was Marion Michael Morrison. That is the name I had always heard in earlier years, so that is the one I used here. Written 26 Feb 2015, Recife, Brazil. On 17 August 2016 this poem was selected as Member Poem of the Day. Thank You, Poem Hunter! Thirteen other poems that I have submitted have been poems of the day, as of 17 June 2023.
Madathil Rajendran Nair 03 April 2015

I am lover of Wayne and his movies. Didn't know his original name was Marion Michael Morrison. Good poem, Sir, and you go with a 10.

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Kim Barney 12 June 2016

Thank you, Madathil. I'm always glad to be a disseminator of knowledge. It comes from my 40 years of being a teacher.

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Mj Lemon 17 August 2016

Congratulations on a Poem of the Day. This is a gem. I'll always remember Marion as Genghis Khan.

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Anjandev Roy 21 May 2024

Marvelous piece...... great presentation.... thank u.

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Smoky Hoss 27 March 2022

Good one Kim. As a fan of the Duke, I've pilgrimaged to his birthplace in Winterset, Iowa a few times. I recommend it to every fan. Thanks for remembering him.

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Kim Barney 17 June 2023

Winterset, Iowa? Sounds cold for some reason. I'll try to remember that the next time I travel though Iowa. Thanks, Smoky.

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 21 December 2020

I actually knew that John Wayne's given name was Marion. An excellent poem, with great rhyming.

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Kim Barney 17 June 2023

Evelyn, thank you so much for the comment!

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Bri Edwards 28 April 2017

at least his parents didn't name him Sue!

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Bri Edwards 29 October 2016

when i think of big Hoss.. i think of the Ponderosa, when i think of big boss i think, ....i think, .... i think... i have no rhyme but Sammy Sosa!

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Kim Barney

Kim Barney

I was born in a bank - - my mother went there and made a deposit
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