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Butterfly Of Death

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I was sitting in my garden
Just relaxing in my garden
Doing nothing in my garden
When I saw a butterfly

Butterfly there in my garden
Appearing there of a sudden
Not surprising in my garden
To appear a butterfly

There was something very different
In this creature from my garden
Beautiful he was but fright'ning
Butterfly in my garden

Something he was saying to me
Something softly whispered to me
Something audible just barely
This butterfly in my garden

His words came softly to my ear
Those words were soft but they were clear
My blood ran cold when I did hear
Yo soy la Marisposa de la Muerte!

I understood those words, all right
And my whole soul was filled with fright
To die just now did not seem right
So I feigned ignorance

Spanish, I do not speak, I said
Please try some other tongue instead
Or go away and leave me be,
Strange creature from my garden

Closer he came, my fright increased
My heart beat faster, almost ceased
And once more spoke the little beast:
Ich bin der Schmetterling des Todes!

I do not understand, my friend.
That sounds like German (I pretend
I'm unable to comprehend
This creature from my garden)

Closer he came, within three feet
My heart increased its frantic beat
Louder he spoke, almost a bleat:
Eu sou a Borboleta da Morte!

Filled with terror am I by now
Thinking I must escape somehow
Yet I know this he'll not allow,
This specter from my garden

My mouth is dry, I cannot speak
I try to run but I'm too weak
And then he lands upon my cheek,
This phantom from my garden!

I am all numb and paralyzed
All my worst fears are realized
These words I hear with my last breath:
I am the Butterfly of Death!

Butterfly Of Death
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Butterfly Poems: 62 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: butterflies,butterfly,death,horror,life and death,nature,terror
This is a poem written to go with a picture. The picture used here was formerly attached to a different poem, but I got looking at the expression on the little girl's face and thought: 'What is she afraid of? You'd think she was being attacked by the Butterfly of Death! '

Written 20 Jan 2015
Recife, Pernambuco, Brasil

Note: I deactivated this poem (temporarily, I thought) to see what poem PH would put in its place as one of my most popular ones, but when I went to reactivate it, I could not do so. I was forced to resubmit it. I still have about a dozen other poems that have to be redone also.

17 August 2016

Note: On 25 March 2017 this poem was selected as Member Poem of the day, one of five poems so far to receive this honor.

Thank you, Poem Hunter!
Kuda Bondamakara 25 March 2017

a beautifully scuplted poem.

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Barry Middleton 25 March 2017

Swat that critter with the folded newspaper of denial. LOL And congratulations!

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Clarence Prince 25 March 2017

This makes good reading! I think butterflies were harmless, but now know different! Thanks for sharing!

27 1 Reply
Douglas Scotney 25 March 2017

you play around for a while in bliss; keep playing even when death looms.

27 0 Reply
Michael Walker 25 March 2017

A very riveting surprise ending. Who would think that a butterfly could cause death? The 4-lined stanzas hold the reader's interest throughout.

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Deluke Muwanigwa 26 March 2021

Excellent poem. Because you rhymed all your crimes are forgiven

2 0 Reply
Belle Wassermeister 26 March 2021

Only you (and maybe Edgar Allan Poe) could make a butterfly seem terrorizing!

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Shaun Cronick 11 December 2020

Excellent Kim, just revisiting again and rereading and while I'm here in your poetry neighbourhood another five worthy stars. A poem that gets better and every better every time I read it. So well written and presented. Thanks again Kim and to you and the loved ones around have a Merry Christmas. Take care and enjoy life.

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Shaun Cronick 10 December 2020

Kim it's one of those poems that is so well written you don't want it to end. I wish I had discovered it much sooner. You weave a great poem and it's conclusion pay off is joy to behold. Top marks good sir. Five deserved shining stars. Thank you Kim and I wish you well. Take care, enjoy life and have a Merry Christmas!

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Keith brown kb 25 April 2020

The more often I read this the better it gets

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