I Don't Care Poem by Kim Barney

Kim Barney

Kim Barney

I was born in a bank - - my mother went there and made a deposit

I Don't Care

Rating: 4.9

My head is bald,
but I don't care.
I'm not so tall,
but I don't care.

I'm overworked
and underpaid.
It's been ten years
since I got

sick, and my boss says
'That don't count a lick! '

I'm disapproved,
have all that's bad
and nothing good.

I am so ugly
that I find
that parents shove
their kids behind
their backs to keep
me from shocking
them to sleep.

And then those parents
stand and stare
but I don't care.

I Don't Care
Friday, February 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: humor
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Amitava Sur 20 April 2015

Liked this carefully caring less write along with an ugly picture on it's height.

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 17 May 2015

Haha carefree very nice poem very good attitude there are not so important things that we should disregard and appreciate beauty instead.

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A creative, carefree composition my friend that is high on humor!

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Lorraine Colon 03 March 2015

Well, I sure liked this poem. Not too sure about the self-photo, but I never judge anyone by their appearance. Although I'm thinking the tie you're wearing may be cause for alarm...... Ha. But you did a good job with your poem.

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Ann Beard 27 March 2015

I Love your humour and enjoy your poems, I am really impressed with the pictures you choose to accompany each poem. I have recently self published a small book of poems and also chose a picture for each poem. I was happy with the result. Thank you also for your comment for one of my poems. Ann

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Isabel Westmoreland 15 March 2022

U stink

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David Wood 21 December 2021

So nice to see humour on the site.5*

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 07 September 2021

When I reread this a little smile popped up

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Sylvia Frances Chan 28 August 2021

So loveliest worded.5 Stars full. Amazingly good!

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Smoky Hoss 15 December 2020

Incredibly good... and wise! Great poem, I'm very inspired... to just be myself! ! ! Thank you!

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Kim Barney

Kim Barney

I was born in a bank - - my mother went there and made a deposit
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