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What happened to the art of writing
long letters to a friend,
a lover waiting anxiously,
a beginning and an end?

Oh, I'm aware. Too aware.

I wore my bright colors, my orange and golds,
the big yellow hat, closet greens unrolled.

'Unworthy of this wilderness,
a majesty too great for kings,
lakes and rivers, wide as dreams,
moving faster than my words;

Life is not random
when each fall
takes us higher
than ourselves.

Bless the child who's blessed me,
bless the child who's cursed me,
and stolen from and hurt me.

The trees kissed each other
Good Morning
as I peeked around the fog
and up their

Enchantment's hour, soon elves at play with fairies full of grace,
in gowns of pink and silver, shimmering satin and fine lace.
These flutter ‘round the baby, Princess Emmy Rose asleep,
to tickle toes and pinch her nose until the wee one squeaks.

The big owl died because of crows.
They caught him sleeping, chased him away,
that lazy famous afternoon
half a century ago.

Here in this place now that you're gone
we find your hope and hear your song
inscribed and nourished by this land,
its lake and forest, more the man

(to the tune of Home, Home on the Range)

Oh, show me that hole
where the Walleye extols

Ask the child
Ask the rabbi
Ask the Christian
Ask God.

I know you'll think me crazy, but I've seen the strangest thing,
it happened while my baby slept beneath a bush one spring.
It's something that passed by my eye, and made me gasp in awe.
It's something that I know is true - because I truly saw.

Mama is a crazy girl,
my children sometimes sing;
when Mama dances on the table
snakes hanging from her head.


I can't see you.
I feel you -
your intensity -
a splash of cool mist

Raindrops dance along the roof;
it's my favourite time
in cottage country,
lying cuddled with my kids,

There is no moment like this one with you,
no bed as welcoming,
no morning to greet me as you do.

It's six and you're asleep,
tired after a day of zipping through the jungle.

I kiss your back and taste the cool air against your freckled skin,

You are the moist tip of my tongue;
the silent pause in the air
I take in - and the one that breaks out.

One brief moment of insanity
made her dropp her pants, and dare
to run naked down the halls,
a T-shirt tied around her head,

Are you a curse that plagues me well,
sore on my soul for all to tell?
Or are you a gift to lengthen my day,
to twist my path beyond my way -

L C Vieira Biography

These words are just some of my works of many years and stories. They are not finished. The process continues. It started when a few poems escaped the journals high in the closets where I hid them. I've lassoed some, but others remain online, as wild as when they left. I started writing poetry and verse as a young teen appreciating the details in nature. Poetry became a necessity as an adult dealing with life's challenges and joys. I see symbolism and stories everywhere, and so poems and art in all forms are waiting to be born.)

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What happened to the art of writing
long letters to a friend,
a lover waiting anxiously,
a beginning and an end?

Emails miss the middle bits
and all the extras, too,
but letters can be rich with words
of details through and through.

I know of some whose only kiss,
flowed from heart to pen,
on scented sheets of pale paper,
read again and again.

These letters safely tucked away
in secret backs of drawers,
are memories rich for years to come,
a journal of one’s stories.

So, if I write too much today,
forgive me if you can,
you may appreciate it more
when you’re an aging man.

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Maria Vieira 03 December 2015

I truly enjoyed your latest poem More of you. God blessed you not only with talent but with great faith. And you are not afraid to show it to the world.

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Maria Vieira 03 December 2015

I haven't visited this site for the past few months. Very pleased to read today your brand new poem about Christianity. God has blessed you not only with talent but with a strong faith that shines through your words. May God bless you.

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Maria Vieira 03 December 2015

I haven't visited the PoemHunter site for the past few months. Very happy to read your latest poem related to Christianity. Written from the heart and showing the world your strong faith in God. You are truly blessed!

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