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Lena Arnold is the author of For This Child We Prayed: Living with the Secret Shame of Infertility, For This Dream We Prayed Companion Journal, and Strong Black Coffee: Poetry and Prose to Enlighten, Encourage, and Entertain Americans of African Descent. Lena and her husband Horace started INfertility Press, an imprint of Emperor Publishing, in a ...

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The Finish

When your dreams have been broken in pieces
and your hopes appear as glass shattered
Remember, it’s not how you started,
it’s how you finish that matters.

Though through the course of this life you may falter
and the end seems nowhere in sight
Remember, the sun always arises,
to displace the dark of the night.

Through faith there are mountains to conquer
and yes valleys yet to go through.
Yet if we but trust in the Master
no dream is too lofty for our hearts to pursue.

Hope is contained in the spirit
that believes on broken wings it can still fly.
Towards the new life in tomorrow,
as it tosses today’s torments aside.

In this life as we strive for perfection
some dreams may become broken and shattered.
But Remember, it’s not how you started,
it’s how you finish that matters

Copyright 1994

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Lena FieldsArnold Popularity

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