M. Asim Nehal Life Poems

Love Love - Life Life

When love resides in heart
The head makes body to dance
Life enjoys moments
Tic tac tic toe tic tac

Life ~ Death

Life is a well-written lyric with an uncomposed music.
Death is well-composed music for an unwritten lyric,
All drama starts with life and ends with the death
Both have a distinction of innocence with the grandeur of purity.

Where Life Flows In Serenity ~ Let's Go There.

We are floating on the stream of Time,
In this earthly world which is full of hustle-bustle,
To meet the necessity and ends,
Life is beyond this, for sure.

And Life Moves On~

In the darkness of the night
When the moon is playing seek and hide,
And the stars are silent spectators,
The owl twists its neck around,

It Is Believed ~ That Life Is....

It is believed ~ that life is splendid
Like a vibrant rainbow in the distance
Each hue mirrors our sentiments
And we express our aspirations

Senryu Chain: Life Cycle

Evening shadows
play last symphony to say
goodbye to the sun.

Lyrics Of This Life~

The Lyrics of this life are ~

Written on every petal,
Sung by butterfly and beetle.

I Am A Window To My Life

I am a window
people look through me
they see reflections of themselves
and what they want to see

To Live Life Fully

Dew nuzzles on the petal of a delicate flower
like my dreams hanging on glistening new hopes.
Giving birth to umpteen imaginations,
like soft green moss on the white smooth pebbles.

One Evening I Saw The Life- Couplet

One evening on the banks of the river, I saw the LIFE
Flying like a bird, trying to cross the horizon.

One evening in a flower garden, I saw the LIFE,

A Conversation With My Life...

He asks me what you have stored for me ……….My LIFE

Oh, how innocent question he poses..
What have you stored for me my Life? ? ? ?

A Rainbow Of Life 🌈

You become my lover tonight
We shall play hide and seek
Under the moonbeam
You chose one star

To Me, This Life Looks Like ~

They say ~ life is beautiful
And I say it disguises like a mirage
No less than a spider's web
It spreads desires of our body

Haiku - Life's Footprints

Colours Of This Life

From womb, a dark place
To the world a bright place
It takes us through several stages.
The tangerine of childhood

Haiku - 80 Life

On A Life's Chess Board

I was the King and she was the Queen,
We were standing face to face,
On a chess board.
I had certain limitations and she too,

Love,Hate And Life....

Love - blossom in my heart,
fear flee like a dart.
Change, I hope will bring,
a new chapter in my life!

Life ~ Passing - Tanka

Isn't this life is like
this frozen ice on the leaves,
falling drop by drop
as the slipping of our age

The Lyrics Of The Life, Incomplete.

Who wrote the script?
Who fashioned everything like this?

The sea with waves

Senryu- Past Life

True Love Will Emerge From Life~

Life is a vision of my own treasure that has fallen from the sky.
I sank into a pit of love that was too steep for me to climb,
Now I regret that why did I wish for a life in human form?

New Song Of Life ~

In the sea of love
Two young couples
Floating on the ecstasy of emotions
Enjoying the beauty of life

Passing Through Thicks And Thins Of Life

Torn socks, worn and frayed,
on weary feet they stayed
sweated shirt, stained and smelly,
the struggle is real, it's not a deli.

Senryu - Life

Life's Pattern ~

Flowers bloom and then petals crumble!
Fire ignites and turns everything to ashes!
People laugh to end up crying!
Tree bears the burden of fruit and others enjoy

Life's Mango - Nonet

Half rotten, the other side of the mango
had the lust in subconscious mind
part eaten by insects and birds
soon the smell will spread

On Life - Some Philosophical Thoughts.

As I walk through life alone, I wonder
What you must be thinking about me,
My LIFE...That, am I trying to escape,
Or to take you for granted?

How Similar Our Life Is When Compared To A Rice Grain

Rice stirs and steams in a boiler,
does it not reflect the life of humans?

From murky, thick, and hazy waters,

Senryu ~ Life's Blanket

transparent blanket
this life thus fails to cover
our greed and wishes

And Her Life Moves On ♒ 🌝 🌙

Her shadow lies heavier upon her soul
than to meet with the inner peace
on the purple expanse
And her life moves on ♒

And She Came Into My Life♥

Like the hidden pearl or like the fervor of a lamp
In the dark night like the stars appeared
And she came into my life …..

Reflection Of Her Life ~

She is like a desert flower
Belligerent for the survival
No respite even from the cruel weather
A battle of survival intensifies.

White Life

The black hands of death,
cannot hold the white thread of life.
The blowing wind will not pave way to snatch the memories.
The rising waves will never allow to immerse the footprints.

Perplexed By The Twist And Turns Of Life ~ Ghazal English

Came like lightning and then vanished like a scent
Long-forgotten memory that helped to heal and ferment.

There was such a commotion that a lot of blood was shed,

Life's Gains

We pray for the night
to never end
we pray for the day
to never come

Haiku- Life's Bud

Life Is Too Short To Fulfil All Dreams....

Life is fleeting, like a passing dream,
we have limited time, it may seem.

We yearn to soar, among the clouds so high,

Life Of A Tree.

Winter's chill has biten its branches bare several times,
summer sun burnt its cover with a promise in the air.
yet It stands defiant, strong by answering nature's call,
It gives oxygen to living creatures for a vital breath,

Life Of A Street Dog

Born on one of the streets of an urban city
Grown under the protection of my mothers’ care
Learned the tricks to survive on the busy roads

Life- Nothing But A Bubble Burst

Although he is free, yet lives as a prisoner,
Although he is a king, yet lives as a mystic (fakir) .

Behold the level of his belief in Almighty God,

Haiku, Haiku - Life

Simple Life

They care for others
They live simple life
No show offs no crooked thinking
They serve others

In Context To Life's Journey

As I was about to celebrate, a voice chased me down to ask
So how do you feel after spending 50 out of 60 years
And that hit very hard on me as I started to recall
Childhood days how startled and when went, a tough ask

Senryu - Life Boat

Tercet - Life

Youthful don't dance with flamboyance
Old age is waiting for you to fall in its lap
Like a caged bird waiting for soul to fly.

Senryu ~ Life Slips Away

on horse of wishes
we gallop for abundance
and life slips away

Senryu - A Life

Association - Longer Than The Life

Marriage is an association, lasts longer than the life,
Years, just the numbers added to the love and respect,
In thick and thins of life's weather, they stand together
What motivates, how and why they are just questions.

Senryu - 181 Life

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